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Some of my blood test results tests are off


I've being doing functional training for 2 years now. My trainability is good and I have trainings 4 times a wekk. Recently I went to a nutritionist to get better physical results. I want to reduce my body fat and I was not able to do so without proper nutrition. The nutritionist gave me a diet loaded with animal protein + whey (about 200 grams total/day), creatine and some glutamine. I am 5ft9in and have 187 ponds now.

After a month on the diet I got good results, I guess. My body fat dropped from 20,8% to 18,9%.

Worried about my liver and kidney (I feel well, by the way), I asked some blood tests. I did about 30 different blood tests (they follow below, automatically translated, sorry). Most are in the normal parameters, but some are off. The ones that are connected to liver and kidney function, I fear.

I would like to know if those numbers can be considered normal for people with high physical activity or if I should worry.

-- Glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase: 71 U / L when it should be 37 at most.
-- Glutamic pyruvic transaminase: 50 U / L when it should be up to 41 U / L
-- Urea: 62 mg / dL ---> Should be between 10 to 50 mg / dL
-- 25-hydroxyvitamin D: 22 ng / mL. ---> Standard: 30 to 60 ng / ml



All the results are in the attachment, if necessary.

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