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Fibromyalgia Treatment

I am female 40 yrs a mother of two is suffering from complete body pain. One doctor has diagosed it as fibromyalgia but has not prescribed any medication.

The symptoms are as follows:

    Pain all over the body & more severe at specific points
    Sleep difficulties
    Loss of memory / difficulty in remebering
    Morning stiffness
    Muscle knots, cramping, weakness
    Digestive disorders
    Itchy/burning skin
    More urinating frequency
    Too much intake of water
    Mental depression

It is more severe on the right side from shoulder till the leg possibly because she works with her right hand. It is very difficult to get up from bed during morning. Gets some relief when some muscle pain relief oil is dabbed/massaged lightly on the pain areas.

MRI full body was done but nothing abnormal on the spine or any other part has been found.

She needs urgent medication as she is not able to tolerate any further.

Looking for a good rheumatologist in India.

Awaiting your early response.

Thanks & Regards,
Bharti Das
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Dear Bharti.
Welcome to the forum.
I have just returned from a trip, out of the country, so when I read your post, something prompted me to reply immediately!

My feeling is that medication will not suffice. Even a good rheumatologist
in India, at best, in my humble opinion, will not be able to cure this suspected fibromyalgia.
It is one of your children you are referring to, I take it, correct?

Let's take this from a little deeper perspective.
The symptoms you list in your post are indicative of a multi-systemic
condition involving mental, cognitive,skin, digestive, urinary & muscular systems.
My first suspicion is GAPS (The gut and psychology syndrome)
This is not an established medical condition and very few doctors will
integrate the symptomology into one overarching condition linking all these
multi-system issues.
Things to have checked or ruled out:
1. Candida Infection.
2. Food allergies, Wheat intolerance, Gluten Intolerance, etc.
Note: This could be also a consequence of #3 below
3. Gut Dysbiosis/Leaky Gut Syndrome
Note: This is another  health issue, normally IGNORED by most doctors!
This alone could cause ALL the symptoms you have posted!
There's a simple urine test for this: Mannitol and Lactulose urine test.
4. Nutritional deficiencies and tissue mineral deficiencies (not blood test).
These deficiencies would be linked to the above.

This is enough for now.  I don't want to overwhelm you with information.
Please check GAPS online for details  Of course there are other possibilities, but this stands out more.
Do your own research for the rest or consult with a Holistic doctor.

Be careful with conventional medicine, as a diagnosis that fits all the
symptoms in a "trash" type of medical label could be just like a medical sentence for life. No cure and symptom management medication for life!

Please let me know if you need further details. You may also message me
directly if you prefer. I'm fairly familiar with all this, FMS, CFS etc.
Best wishes.

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Hi Niko,
Many thanks for your elaborate reply.
Actually the mentioned medical condition is related to me & not of my children. I am having this problem since years when I was just 16. That time I used to complain about pain in the right hand & I have been treated by several doctors but nothing was diagnosed. Some doctors told that there is no actual pain but I am having a feeling of pain in  my mind.
After my marriage & after having two children, I was still somehow managing with the pain on my right hand. Then almost 3-4 years from now, I could feel that the pain has started in other parts like right shoulder, neck & back. The pain is more severe on the right side than on the left side.
It worsens, the day I do more house hold work like cleaning of utensils, mopping the floor, etc.
The severity of the pain is more in the morning & it becomes very difficult to get out of bed.
It feels better when my husband dabs some muscle relief oil & then only I feeling like doing something.
I do not know if ever I will be relieved from this medical condition.

Thanks & Best Regards,
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