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Severe Memory Loss..

Hello, I am a male about to turn 23 and I at times have forgotten who I am, where I am, and even who people are that I've known for years.. I have multiple sclerosis, and I know memory loss is always a factor but I am concerned that something more deeply psychological is going on with me.

The first instance happened about a month ago when my husband and I were hanging out with a couple of my close friends from when i moved to the states (moved from a gaelic speaking community in Ireland when I was 11). Out of nowhere I completely blanked out and not only forgot english, but couldn't for the life of me remember where I was at, and who I was with. According to my husband and friend, I had no idea I had ever left Ireland. The episode lasted about 30 minutes before I regained a sense of modern reality.

The most recent episode happened just last night where while riding in the passenger seat of a car accompanied by my husband and two friends I blanked out and couldn't figure out where I was. According to my husband I forgot yet again that I was married, and that we lived with my in-laws. I also couldn't tell him where I was from or what town I grew up in yet I still knew my name. He put me in bed and took our friends home and when he called to check on me it had gotten worse and I answered in irish gaelic again.

According to my own research MS should not affect my memory in this way so I am worried it may be a mental illness of sorts. Please help!
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Hi Kaelan,

You say you have MS. Are you taking any medications to deal with the MS and if so what meds are you taking ?  The reason I ask this is because I 've heard that some meds may cause memory loss as a side effect. This is only a hunch. This is not a professional medical opinion.  Eve
p.s. You can go to a website called www.drugs.com. When you go to this website, you will see you will be able to look up various drugs and their side effects as well as other information about that drug or drugs. That's where I would start.  
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Thanks for the response, sadly I haven't been able to afford treatment for 3 years and have been off my shots for that length of time as well. I used to take copaxone but yea.
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Hey Kaelan. Welcome to the forum.

Look into THC induced amnesia and vitamin D3 deficiency, if applicable to you.
If applicable, both must be ruled out. Consider a high CBD /low THC variety if you're a regular cannabis user, as it would have better medicinal effects w/o its negative effects.
Also your D3 levels (vit­a­min D 25OH test) should be about 60ng/ml
Memory and other neurological issues, are indirectly associated with low vitamin D, which by the way affects over 3000 genes!
Another thing which should be ruled out is vitamin D3 resistance, specially if after comprehensive supplementation of D3, levels do not increase.
Have you done any VDR (vitamin D receptor) Gene Polymorphism testing in regards to your MS?
There are other factors which affect vitamin D absorption/assimilation, such as leaky/inflamed intestinal tissues, low cholesterol, high stress, low fat diet,
obesity and others.

Please discard what does not pertain to you-there are other possibilities of course for your memory issues-however, keep in mind that my comments are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

Best wishes.
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   You are too young for this; I've only seen it in a male that was impacted by late stage Lyme Disease. Lyme is historically misdiagnosed as MS; simply compare the geographic incidence of MS, and compare it to known Lyme.
    For Lyme, I would look for other issues with you, such as:
a) Having lived in a Lyme area, or N.Cal, or N.Texas.  
b) Having, a few years back, night-sweats, fever, etc.
c) Some limb involvment, such as numb/ or burning below the elbow or knees.
d) Intermittant loss of dexterity.
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