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memory loss at 21

I have had memory loss for a long time now. I have gone through some trauma in my life, but I have never banged my head or been in a car accident. I have been emotionally abused and was in a bad controlling relationship 4 years ago. I am 21 years old, yet as soon as events happen I don't remember them unless I see pictures or hear someone recall a happy event. For example, they will say remember when? and then they will tell a story and I don't remember it until they explain. I don't remember my childhood. I know I don't have PTSD, but I know something is not right and I need answers. I have gone to a counselor, but no diagnosis as far as I know. I have 2 kids. They are 3 and 4 years old. I dont even remember what they looked like when they were little. I can't picture many things in my head when I close my eyes and try to remember things. Lately I have been looking at people, then close my eyes to see if I can picture what they look like but I can't. I know I don't have prosopagnosia. I have a hard time comprehending things when I read and I don't know if that has anything to do with my memory. I am a senior at a University, but I only remember my notes short term enough to take a test then I forget it all. I want to be able to recall memories of my childhood. I sit and think hard, but nothing comes to my mind. My thoughts  are always jumbled up. Everyone knows I don't have a good memory, but only my mom and I know to what degree. I am mentaly stable and live a normal life, only problem is my memory. I hope I don't sound crazy, but I hope someone on this blog can give me an idea of what the problem is.
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Let me tell you this. It won't be easy to give you a straight answer because. . So Here Is my best Guess.   Are you taking any type of medicines? www.memorylossonline.com/summer2001/depression www.targetwoman.com/articles/short-term-memory-loss.html

I hope some of these websites help.  But could you be stress/depressed?

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

You are so young and it seems unfair to be going through this,
at this time of your life.
And considering what you've suffered so much emotionally with your dysfunctional relationship in recent years, I can't help but feel some of your pain.

Definitely there's a connection to your memory issues and your emotional
trauma suffered during this abusive relationship.
It may not qualify for the "clinical" dx of PTSD, but it may well be a close variant.
You need to get this evaluated professionally, before any recommendations can be made.
My suspicion is that you need expert therapy, in order to deal with all of the
"stuff" that is still deep inside you, before any significant improvement in your mental and emotional status can be experienced.
Please take time to read my replies in this community, as you may find some useful suggestions there.
And post again to give us an update or to ask questions.
Take care.
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I am not taking any medication, I was on Birth Control but I went off of it because it was making me sick.
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I went to counseling and it did not do anything for me.
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Hi again.
While I don't doubt that often counselling and talk therapy or CBT
do not produce the desired results, there are other newer energy based therapies where patients enjoy near- immediate readily observable
results for various unresolved issues even after many years of traditional psychotherapy.
To find Energy Psychology Therapists in your area, visit the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.
(I am an Advanced EFT Practitioner and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist)

  SPECT Brain Imaging may help identify memory, depression and other
related issues.  It will help check the health status of your brain.
Just do a search for this.

Hope this helps.

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I have wanted to get a spect test, but the counselor I went to said I would have to be referred to someone
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It probably has to do with insurance and payment.
If you are paying, trust me, they will accept you w/o any referral.

For a better understanding, visit Dr. Amen's website, very well designed,
that gives a ton of info on anything you want to know regarding spect imaging,brain oriented treatments for wide range of issues, from attentional problems, anxiety issues, mood problems, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, addictions, obesity, memory, learning and behavioral problems.

Note: This is not a recommendation. I have no dealings and no personal experience with Dr. Amen's Clinics. My suggestion is given with the intention of you getting more info and details in this area of brain health.


It seems that you are striking out with your counsellors, so far!

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