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I am new here and didn't know where to post at..

To: I am new here and didn't know where to post at..
I will be 53 november 2010 and my period was due last wednesday the 10th but it never has showed up and i had sex the wednesday before that and i am confused it was always on time but the last time it was alot but not like july it was like a faucet when you stood up but in September it wasn't like that but this month i have not seen nothing but my stomach been bloating just like before..
Having before that wednesday wouldn't make you pregnant would it i mean i have had them hot flashes many years but then they got better i ask about pregnant cause this guy told me he could open a woman up even with tubal that been cut and burned and now i am scared and don't know who to talk to and i found this site and thought maybe i would ask...Please i need a answer if anyone can help..Thank You
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I am 52 and was on the pill for 27 years straight.  Periods were so light that I tried to go off the pill thinking menopause was in play.  For the last year have had irregular periods and 3 of them have been like the faucet you described.  Heavy bleeding and uncontrollable.  I have been told that at 52 it is almost impossible to get pregnant but not out of the question.  I am sure it is just the menopause doing its thing, I wouldnt worry about it.  Wish you well.
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Sounds like you are reaching menopause. My periods became irregular, sometimes skipping 3-4 cycles. My last one was July, 2009. But, you could also become pregnant if you are still getting periods. It is recommended that you do not have unprotected sex until you have not had a period in a year or more.  Good luck to you. Hope it all works out.
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