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Erection Problem (Urgent)

I am male 35 years old recently i got married and in the first 10 days of marriage its all go well but suddenly slowly slowly i am loosing my ecertion and after 15 days of marriage I came to Mumbai and she is with her parrents in her native town, now she is comming to Mumbai but I don't know what happen to me I am not getting errection during mastubartion or seeing porn site even not in the morning this worried me alot please help me should i am able to have sex with her, this problem I told to her also. Please Please give the answer

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Married couples use to enjoy the sex life to its fullest previously but because of the erectile dysfunction, the marriages are unsuccessful. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction feel depressed and this takes the toll on his relationships with the partner. The main problem is that, man reaches orgasm within 2 to 3 minutes; whereas a woman takes at least 15 minutes time to achieve the same. Thus, man has to hold his erection for the 10 to 15 minutes, but he fails and the sexual encounter becomes unsatisfactory for the women.

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Although i have no idea about what could be causing this just wanted to say i hope you get it sorted, sounds like a terrible situation to be in.
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