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Hard Flaccid penis at 20, can't get erection

I have had a somewhat low libido for the past few months, but no problems getting an erection, I just stopped waking up with morning wood and getting a lot of boners throughout the day, but didn't think much of it. Also the problem started last night and up until now I have stopped masterbating for 10 days due to mild porn addiction.

Then 2 nights ago I took a supplement called L-tyrosine, and it made me feel better than I ever have in my life, it was what I imagine being on mdma is like, I felt extremely happy and motivated the entire day, intense euphoria. Then the next day comes and as I am about to go to bed I realize I hadn't gotten hard the entire day, and I felt weird about that cause I was looking at a girl who would usually have gotten me hard right away. I tried touching myself because I got kinda worried, and my penis got hard but it stayed the same size. I tried masterbating because I started freaking out and nothing happened, it just got harder and ached a little bit.

I then started freaking out really badly, thinking my penis was broken for lfie. I found some posts here about hard flaccid and it kind of put me at ease, but I couldn't find any real conclusions other than to do some exercises and stretches and see a pelvic floor specialist. (I can't afford that my insurance is really bad)

Anyways, that was last night, and overnight I am pretty sure I got a hard on in bed while I was asleep, but I am afraid it's possible it could of been a dream. Now today I was hoping it was just a weird occurence, and tried looking at pictures that would turn me on, and same thing, penis stays flaccid size and just gets harder, I can't even get it to half the size it is when I used to have an erection.

Some things to note is I do heavy weightlifting 6 days a week, am currently on finasteride for hairloss, and it hasn't caused any libido problems for the year I've been on it. Also have pretty bad anxiety and anterior pelvic tilt from sitting all day. I know all those things together sound like the perfect mix for what I'm experiencing. So I am going to stop taking finasteride for a while (goodbye hair) and go easy on the weightlifting and try meditation to decrease anxiety. I read some posts here that said I need to see a specialist for my pelvic floor, but I literally cannot afford it.

Anyone have any advice on what I should be doing? I read that a normal doctor will just tell me nothing is wrong, but should I go anyways? Is there a way to get a boner right now? I don't even want to masterbate I just want to get one to know I am somewhat okay. Also I want to learn techniques to help my pelvic floor, but all I see is these ebooks like hardflaccid that are $40 which I can't afford right now. If it is caused by the pelvic floor why did it happen so suddenly and intensely?

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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