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Is There Any Cure For Floaters?

I Think i just have them for years since 2008 up to now(2011) and maybe the cause is over masturbation or in my computer for using them from about 10am-5/6pm which an addiction i do every summer.

I Am Afraid To Do Injections Specially Surgery Which Some Recommends For Laser And Its Really Annoying Because Everytime i read and every move i do i see this ******* dot in my right eyeball do you have any suggestions or any tips to control agaisnt this masturbation addiction.. or is there any fruit that i can eat ti prevent this to multiply

A Single Reply Is Well Appriciated I Really Need Your Opinions And Tips Thank You

This discussion is related to masturbation and the effects on eyes.
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The floaters in your eye are bits of protein that are chains and unfortunately you can't get rid of them. They are annoying, and unless they become very large and block your vision, there is nothing you can do. It has nothing to do with mastubation, although the old saying, Stop it or you will go blind, may have some truth to it!. I am joking of course!
Seriously, as I said, unless they get large suddenly, you just need to learn to live with them. I have them and only notice them when I read or look at a white wall. You just get used to them.
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