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Low sex drive after breakup with GF

I usually have a relatively high sexual drive, masturbating about twice a day, much more on weekends.
Since my GF broke up with me it seems my sex drive just plummeted to the ground.

Honestly I cannot comprehend this. I'm sleeping 7h30-8h per night, eating (relatively) well on a ultra-low carb high fat diet and exercising from time to time. I'm 24 and with the combo described above usually I get my hormones screaming for sex within a week. Now it's been 3 weeks already and it's not like I'm dying for sex. Something is drastically wrong. With the combo described above I also typically lose 1-2kg of weight per week whereas this time in 3 weeks I barely lost 1kg.

Could all of this be psicosomatic and due to stress/anxiety/depression ? When she broke up with me I felt very sad and anxious about what to do to get back to "business".

Anybody in a similar situation has some tips for me ? It's the first time I was with someone so I'm not sure if all of this is normal. I would've expected the sex drive to skyrocket but the reverse is happening right now ... HELP
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You could make an appointment with your doctor for your situation, but as you've surmised, it's quite likely due to your breakup with your girlfriend.  Don't push sex as something that you need to meet a certain quota but let things happen as your feelings get back on track after the breakup.  Keep up with school, work, and any other interests, enjoying friends or making new ones.  You are young and able to rise above any temporary setback.  However, if you do see your doctor, he/she might recommend a counselor, if you would want to talk out the changes you've encountered.  

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