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Low sex drive in young man

My husband & I are both 32 years old. We have been together for 7 years & have a strong, loving relationship. But I've noticed that since I became pregnant with our child back in '07, his sex drive has gotten very very low. Up until then we enjoyed an active & healthy sex life. On average, we were having sex about 5-6 per week. Now it's no more than twice a month! He does realize that this is a problem, & tries to reassure me that it's him, not me. He claims that he still enjoys it the times when we do have it, but it's just not constantly on his mind anymore, like it used to be. Of course I can't help but feel that it's got something to do with me. It makes me feel self-conscious, & also makes me feel some what angry, because it's like now we only do it on his terms, & I am still a young girl that has needs. He says if I would initiate it more, maybe he'd want to do it more. But I feel extremely weird trying to start something up with someone whom I feel is not interested. It's a huge blow to my ego!! So what I need to know is, is this normal for such a young man? What can we do to fix it? And is it really "him, not me"?? By the way, I'm still as slim as I was before baby... when I asked this question on another website, everyone suggested that maybe I was too fat & frumpy!!!  
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