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Prostate pain and low T

My blood tests have shown very low testorone over the past year(around 90). I have been having recurring prostate pain for the last few years but recently it has become severe. Any idea what would cause both of these symptoms? I am mid 30s, mildy diabetic and have a history of lymphoma.
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Have you had your prostate checked?  There is a connection between testosterone and prostate cancer, BUT please know that it is very rare in men under 40.  That would be unlikely.  But you should have your prostate checked. There are also a lot of information linking low testosterone to prostatitis and prostate pain.  So, yes, it could be involved. But pain is an odd thing where it is felt in one place but coming from somewhere else.  My suggestion is to see your doctor for an evaluation  
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I would only add, have you been evaluated by a urologist?  Have you been told the pain is in your prostate?  
Havent been to one yet. What can i expect during an initial exam?
There is nothing finer than a prostate exam!  Kidding.  But it's part of life.  Basically you get in position, the doctor will lubricate their finger and insert into your anus.  They exam the prostate from there.  It's pretty quick and no, not exactly comfortable .But we all go through it.  Here's something to read that describes it https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/how-is-a-prostate-exam-done
That's only the exam for an enlarged prostate, which I have way too much experience with including surgery, but that doesn't cause pain.  For anything else you need to see a urologist, not your regular doc, and they have several kinds of tests they might do -- ultrasound, MRI, and putting a scope with a camera on it in there.  Personally never found any of these tests uncomfortable or painful, but I guess it depends on whether you can relax with it or you tense up and, I guess, on your sexual experiences maybe.  But just to say, how would you know the pain is in your prostate?  It's a small thing.  So an initial exam with your general doc won't amount to much more than talk and a check for an enlarged prostate and a blood test to screen for possible cancer perhaps and a urinalysis.  A urologist will actually have the other scanning equipment short of an MRI in the office.
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