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Scrotal Mass?

since around 3 months I got 2 Scrotal Masses inside my Scrotum (1 on each side).
They dont increase in size, they dont hurt and in general they dont give me any symptoms.
If you touch them they move and they feel like a mixture of strings and tiny rocks.
My testicles in general arent swollen or have any lumps on them, which is why i kinda dont think i have testicular cancer or anything.
My biggest concern tho is that i found a swelling on the shaft of the penis inside the scrotum around 3 weeks ago. The swelling is not moving and is just like the other ones not attached to the testicles. It rather feels like "fat tissue" thats stuck there.
Does anyone know what these masses could be?
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idk how to upload images so im gonna do it like that ( https://prnt.sc/pSHJ52HZFwCe )
this is the location of the masses if it helps
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Sorry but your really best bet is to talk to a doctor.
alright im going to try to get an appointment then for like july/august, even tho from feeling the mass on the right side got a bit smaller since the last 2 weeks. thanks for your help.
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The stringy part might be the tube the sperm comes through, called the epididymis. It can get inflamed or you might just be feeling it since you're feeling around. I don't know what would seem like tiny rocks. It sounds like it would be good to see your regular doctor or get a referral to a urologist.
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Thanks for the answer. Maybe "rocks" is a bit wrong since they are there one they and gone the other. Same as the mass that is 2'' long 1 day and 1 the next.
I assume you have looked up varicoceles?

Anyway, see the urologist and you'll get an answer.
I would see a urologist but its really hard to get an appointment in my country if its not really needed. Anyways, yes i looked up varicoceles aswell but arent they connected to the testicles?
Do you think I can wait till I get an appointment or do you you think what I have is really dangerous even tho i dont have symptoms?
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