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Unknown bump on urethra

I am looking for advice on my options on what to do about this unknown bump or ulcer-like thing which appeared on my uretha in November. The details are:
-It is located on the "lip" of my urethra on one side.
-It is painless. It is virtually invisible when I am flaccid but grows and becomes reddy-pink when I am erect.
-It has not changed since November. It has not grown, nor shrunk, nor spread. The inside of my urethra is clear, as is the glans. However when erect I notice that there appears to my a moderate swelling of both sides of the urethra.
-There is no burning sensation, nor itch, nor any discharge, although sometimes it "feels" like there is discharge, even though when I check there is no evidence of any.
-I went to a clinic doctor and he was at a loss. He ordered STI tests in December and I was negative for everything (HSV 1 / 2, syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia). The doctor put me on 5 days of moxiflocacin just as a trial and it did nothing.
-I have an appointment with a urologist but it is not until May and I would like to not be sitting here waiting around. I worry that it is either some form of cancer or perhaps it is an infection that evaded the tests. Or, if it is some form of inflammation I would like it dealt with.

Any ideas?
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It sounds like you have gone to the doctor but in my reading, they say that non cancerous, benign growths in that area are  not uncommon. There is also something called urethral caruncel  which is rare in males (more of a lady thing) but not out of the question. I'm guessing it is a benign growth and not a big deal. Your primary care doctor has seen it? They don't specialize but can tell you if you should be concerned or not.
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