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swelling good or bad

I was circ'd about a week ago and from then to now ive been really worried because of the swelling and sensitivity of my japs eye/head. I also got an infection which made the top of the shop go like and egg. I squeezed it abit on the 4th morning and it exploded with blood and yellow stuff from the wound. I went back to the urology dept and they said it was infectde and gave me some Augmentin to combat it. I was also taking Diclofenic and Cocodomol. From looking at this and loads of sites it apparently is normal. The infection has gone down and the head is still sore with swelling at the top of the shat before the helmut. The soreness is because for your life so far the knob skin has been protected from the outside world by the foreskin and is more sensitive and softer, so removing that protection causes a layer of skin to form a process called Keratinization. Just means that your sensitive head has to form this layer of skin to protect itself. The swelling apparently is normal and takes months to gradually go down.

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