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Does Topamax increase anxiety

I just started 50mg Topomax at 8pm for Migraines with Auras. I had visual symptoms and dizziness prior to taking Topamax. That had increased and leveled off a bit but I’m left with extreme ANXIETY during the day that weans around 2pm. I also have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.
Will any of this get better? I’m only on day 9.  On a better note the migraines are definitely improving!
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It can be a side effect -


When I started on it, I started on 25 mg twice a day, and worked my way up to 50 mg twice a day. It might just be the dose is too high at once, but you definitely need to contact your doctor.

The typical migraine dose is 50 mg twice a day. https://www.medicinenet.com/topiramate/article.htm#what_is_the_dosage_for_topiramate?

If you continue on it, expect some side effects. Carbonated drinks will taste awful - like really bad, some foods may taste different, you may get this weird double vision thing that seems like an image kinda floats in your eyes after you turn away from it (this only happens to me in the mornings when I just wake up), or a tingling sensation in your hands or feet (I had this if I took a 50 mg pill, but if I take 2 25mg pills, I don't).

It has helped SO much though. Talk to your doctor. Maybe you need to take 25 mg in the morning and evening for a bit. Let me know what happens. :)
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Thank you! I have follow up next week. I do get some numbness as well but figured I can deal with that easier than the rest. I’ll ask about the twice a day. Do you get tired after taking it during the day?
I don't remember if I did when I first took it, but I don't get tired now. (I've been on it for about 4 years now.)

The tingling and taste changes started right from the start - I remember that. It's how I stopped drinking sodas, though. They just tasted so bad lol.

Let me know what happens at the appointment. :)
Well my neuro went to the 100 mg extended release for my last appointment! My brain couldn’t handle it! I was dizzy, frontal lobe pressure then had depressed thoughts of not wanting to go through this any more! Anxiety went into panic as well. So I had stopped taking that one. I called the office and had to leave message for dr to call back!!
Very disappointed!!!  
Wow! I'm sorry this is happening. Did you talk to the doctor about slowly raising the dose?

It's called titrating your dose. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/titration

I hope s/he calls you back soon, and that you get some relief.
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