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Headache/medicine compazine bad reaction

So I had a headache for 5 days before I finally broke and went to the ER. There they gave me benadryl and compazine through an IV. Well I will tell you I would have much rather dealt with the headache than the reaction that I had to compazine. I feel hopeless, like "Am I really here? What's the point of life?" I feel afraid, jittery (I wanted to rip my IV out) paranoid, like I'm in a cloud, dizzy, I have insomnia, can't focus/concentrate I don't feel like myself. I feel like I am a different person. I read that the medicine is an antipsychotic that they treat schizophrenia with. Why wouldn't the doctor disclose that information to me before giving me the medication? And they never even told me about the side effects before giving it to me.

My other headache is gone and replaced by a tightness in my head and especially around my temples. My head just feels like there is pressure ad I feel woozy. Does anyone know what could be going on?
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How long ago did you receive the compazine? Your description does sound like an allergic reaction. However, since it was given by IV , I would think that that it would wear off in 6-8 hours.

You are correct about it's use in schizophrenic patients and many people have an adverse reaction to it. You are also correct in that they should have informed you and received your consent before giving the medication. I know that I take Zofran for nausea related to migraines and it works quite well.

The combo of Benadryl and Compazine would make you feel woozy and sleepy. Usually sleep will help to reset the body and help end the migraine...at least that's what my neuro told me.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Thanks for your feedback. I received the medication at 2 am on the 15th. It definitely lasted longer than 6 hours as I am still feeling some of the effects at this moment. Today I broke out in tears from feelings of uncertainty...like a depressed feeling. I was not feeling like this before I took that medication. Also my knees are hurting, my neck and back are hurting. I still have an odd headache, different from the headache I had when I went into the ER. A totally different headache. I'm afraid to take any other medications now. But do you think I should go back to the hospital? My knees, neck and back weren't hurting before I went to the ER. And now I have a different headache. Still feeling woozy and sad.

Kind of scared here. Or should I just give it more time for these effects to wear off. It hasn't been a full week yet but the whole situation is just so odd to me.

Thanks again for your feedback.
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