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I have constant migraines and the effects are horrible, what is it?

I have migraines everyday, but they get especially worse in the summer. Since it is July and I usually get them bad at this time, my migraines come with me hearing things, points where I cannot move, and or bright lights. I'm in 24/7 pain during the summer once the first one hits. I have been to the hospital plenty of times for this, and nothing helps. They diagnosed me with chronic migraines with auras. Today I am dizzy and can't stand straight and I don't know what to do about it.
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I am not a doctor but I have had all types of symptoms from migraine with aura. What Medications have you tried? Do you know what your triggers are? Red wine, chocolate, cheddar cheese, walnuts, sulfites, MSG, are all possible triggers. Also, flashing or bright lights, fluorescent lights, and computers without blue light protection can be triggers. You can try to avoid those things as well as stress. If those don't work then there is a new antibody based migraine medication out that your insurance may or may not pay for. It is very expensive. It is self injected I believe. It is called Aimovig or  FDA approved CGRP receptor blocker. It lessens the number of migraines. Also, don't take Tylenol or Ibuprofen too often or Imitrex (triptans) they can cause migraine rebound headaches. I took Trokendi XR for 3 years due to migraine variant but it has very bad side effects. I am trying to get off of it. I have one month to go. I take clonazempam for my vomiting at night it is a benzodiazepine, and then when I started getting the headaches I took imitrex. My neurologist said I can take 100mg. So I would ask a neurologist to see what they think is good for you.  They tried other things on me too. So it is best to try the drugs with the least side effects.   Have you been officially diagnosed by having an electroencephalogram (EEG)? Also, did you get a brain scan just to rule any problems like that out.
I have tried some types of medicine my neurologist suggest (I don't remember the names) but one caused me to vomit uncontrollably, and be stuck in bed. And yes I have been officially diagnosed by an EEG, I have all my paper work from my doctor saying what I need to do, but the list of things didn't comply well with my school time (I've missed too much school, that's why for my 12th grade year I'm homeschooling. I did get a brain scan to rule anything out, I have a small malformation in the back of my head, but my doctor says it's no worry.
Maybe the new antibody based treatment will work for you. The only way to know is try. It is supposed to have little/no side effects. But it is very expensive. Sorry you are going through this. I now I had a lot of trouble with vomiting all night when I was in college. It was hard to deal with and trying to work too.  I didn't get diagnosed for 8 years. Glad they at least diagnosed you.

Thank you for giving me some of your time, I appreciate it. I'll talk to my mother about it and see what happens. Hopefully I can do something.
Good luck. It is hard to get this kind of thing when yo have had great health then this. You will find a way.
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