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Persisitent headache

I am 30 years old man suffering from daily persistent headache for years from the onset   concentrated on centre of forehead. NO FEVER, NO VOMIT, , MRI SCAN is normal.Its  generally Pulsating/ throb. headache sometimes worse, but never goes always, it is daily headache from the onset, no change in nature of headache for last 10 years, no sinus problem , No overusage  of analgesics medicine as  have not used any medicine for last three years  and tried message therapist ,aqua pressure, acupuncture , but again no change in nature of headache. Affecting my concentration & career as it is   persistent headache daily always for last 10 years. Concentrated on frontal forehead .Headache even after a sound sleep of 10 or more hours

I have tried medicines as prescribed by Neurologist with absolutely no help.  Cap. Fulanrizine (calcium channel blocker) Tab. Vosograine (ergotamine,  caffeine, and prochlorperazine) Tab. wysolone (Predinosolone ) Cap. Betacap propranolol Tab. Alprax (Alprazolam) Tab xenobid  (Naproxen) Tab suminat (Sumatriptan) Tab. Amixide (chlordiazepoxide and amitriptyline) Tab.Ciplactin (cyproheptadine) Tab. Rantac,  Tab. Epilex (Sodium volporate ), indomethacin,  gabapentin .
Also one Injection Botox ,.
and Supraorbital  Diagnostic  Nerve Bloc , but no change in nature & severity  of headache

. Now I am very dejected . what could be the couse , what is this type of headache  and who to cure plz help .

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The headache could be due to some problem related to the eyes or the muscles surrounding the eyes.Please consult  an ophthalmologist for complete examination. You can try some natural methods to relieve headaches. Please visit http://www.faqs.org/faqs/medicine/migraine/natural-cures/ for some information. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards !
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Well, the truth is I do not know exactly how to help, but I share your pain and story.
I have been suffering from severe chronic head pain for 10 years. I have tried 100 meds. Done MRI and MRA. Both negative. Tried acupuncture. I can not seem to find any med or treatment to help. Morphine reduces the the pain by about 30% for 3 hours, and then its back to how it was. I do not want to be taking pain meds forever. It doesn't make sense to me. Also, it's a viscous circle. I feel the pain, I feel hopeless about getting well, then I get depressed about it. But I have a family, and a good life otherwise, and I believe G-D put me here for a reason. So I keep persevering.  To me, this is a real disability and is in the way of me functioning. It is a struggle to make it through the day with this pain.

What meds are you currently taking now? Have you been able to distinguish triggers? For example, chocolate, saccharin?
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