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pins and needles during excercise and headach after

I have constant sensation of pins and needles (like there was an army of ants walking all over me) when I am on the treadmill. Also, the worse the sensation, the more itchy I get to the pint where exercising is very incomfortable.

After that I always have a really bad headach and hardly can keep my neck strait.

Any Ideas what this could be due to?

Thank you for your help/
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It will help us to know where exactly do you get the pins and needles sensation. Pins and needles sensation can occur due to peripheral neuropathy which can be caused by diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and B 12 deficiency. It can also occur if there is a nerve compression somewhere. Headache during or after exercise indicate exertional headache. Exertional headaches are seen during or after strenuous physical exercise. These headaches may go away on their own or medications like Indomethacin are used to control these types of headaches. I would suggest you to take it easy for the next few days, make sure you are well hydrated and eat on time.

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Many factors depend on how long has this been going on and your age as well; as much as I can think of.

Some people can get 'histamine' liberated into their body during exercise, which causes itching. Histamine is a chemical present in our body and is involved in allergy, asthma etc.

And with the headache, is there any other phenomenon?


Dr.Thomas Antony
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Thank you for your response,

Not sure if the details below would help.

I am 36 years old and I have been diagnosed with Asthma since very early in my childhood, although I am pretty efficient at controlling my asthma and knowing its triggers.

I am also generally healthy, 5'4" with a BMI of 23.4, my blood pressure is in lower end ( very rarelly above 95/67) of the scale but I always had a low blood pressure. I avoid junk food and drinks as much as I can. I do drink about 3 cups of coffee a day and have a little obsession with 85% dark chocolat but try to keep that to eating 2 / 3 squares a day. I drink alcohol about once a month, and I disagree with the notion of binge drinking,

The pain and needles happen during th exercise started about 6 months ago, mainly when I was on the treadmill running, now it is pretty much during the whole time I do cardio exercise (does not happen when I do weights or swim).

The headach are generally accompanied with stiffness of the neck and a little of blurred vision, and sometimes nausea. Although the nausea is generally when the vision is the worse. I had my eye test 9 month ago and my vision was okay.

I do drink plenty of water during the day and during exercise and this does not make a difference.I still get the ant army visiting everytime.

Apart from the painkillers for the headach would you be able to suggest something I could take to at least reduce the pins and needles?

Thank you.

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