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Fatigue and depression

I walked (well limped) through the 5K walk for MS over the weekend,  I used my cane and had lots of support from my team, I  was feeling very smug about finishing.  I went home after the walk and slept about 5 hours.

I started feeling physical and mental fatigue at work yesterday.  Also some depression,  as if I just can't make myself be there.  The stress and general commotion are just more than I can handle.  I called in sick today as I had developed a headache around my right eye socket and strangely, aching in my upper teeth on the right side.  

I know I over did it this weekend, but really, could fatigue cause these symptoms?   I have felt pretty good since the first of the year.  It is getting close to the time for my Tysabri infusion, could this be part of the problem?

I would be interested in any thoughts you may have.

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Thanks for the support.  I am finally back to baseline.  Next year I will be in better shape.
I am still a bit uncomfortable with my diagnosis,  I have tried to keep it private and many still don't know what is going on.  I kept walking because of those who DO know and were with me.  I wanted to contribute as much as I could.  I could never have made it without the cane.  I don't use it on a daily basis,  just took it with me on a whim (luckily).  Sounds a little crazy, but I probably would have given up long before the finish line but didn't want to lose face ;)  or disappoint anyone.
I read this and it seems a jumble of thoughts, but am really tired from company all day, so excuse the weirdness of the post.
Thanks to all,
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How are you feeling now, Kiddo?  Did the rest do the job or are you better off than before the walk.

I so hestitate to praise you on overdoing - though it was for a noble cause.  The effects of really, really overdoing things physically can set you back - way back.

But, let us know if you are bouncing (yeah, like any of us "bounce" any more) back.

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  Congratulations on the walk - wow I'm impressed! I wish I had done it but am happy to say that 9 family members did it for me and I made a huge breakfast for them after.
  I know it's not the same as walking but I am fatigued just from that so I can only imagine how you must feel.

Be good now and get lots of rest so that you will have enough energy to feel proud :)

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Congrats on making through the 5K walk!!  That was an effort with a cane!!  How long did it take you to walk that distance?  I'm sure if I had made a similar exertion, I'd be laid up and feeling much weaker for days afterward!!  I'd have to take about three or four days off work to recover!

Do you normally start feeling weaker as it gets close to the time for your Tysabri?  If so, that may be playing a role.  I know a teacher with MS who swears by Tysabri -  it is making her feel much stronger.

Get some rest - you deserve it!


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Hi Sally,

You feeling any better w/the added rest?

Belated congrats on finishing the walk.  

Hoping we can pick up your spirits a bit before you get that infusion.

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Hi Sally,
Congrats on pushing through and making it the entire 5K length.  That is some accomplishment and I'm proud of you.  

Sleeping after that much fresh air and exercise would be mandatory for me too.  

Be sure to talk with your doctors about the fatigue and depression.  Although I think that is normal after exterting yourself and the cycle you are in on your treatment, you want to be sure.  

just my thoughts,
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Gosh, you must feel pretty rotten, no? I'm so sorry you're going through this.I don't think anyone can say with any assurance whether or not your current symptoms are a new flare. Overdoing things (like your brave 5K walk) is just not a good idea, because we pay and pay as the result. Being fatigued for a few days because of this isn't unusual in MS.

Only time will really tell what's causing what. But meanwhile, things other than MS could be making you feel sick. You could even be getting a bug of some sort. I think we tend to forget that we can and do get all the assorted stuff going around. Your eye and teeth things might even be a sinus infection brewing.

Try to pamper yourself as much as you can, and take care. Let us know how things go.

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