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Should I have genetic testing or could this be a autoimmune problem?
Here are the facts. It all started with elevated liver functions AST 60s ALT 120s
Ct scan/liver biopsy normal. A few years later Ck levels of 1800 to 3500 sent me through a variety of Doctors and tests. RA was positive. Reumatologist ruled out Lupus, Myositis, RA, Celiac etc. On I went to neurologists who sent me to neuromuscular Dr who did muscle biopsy on thigh deltoid and calf. It only showed chronic inflammation. She suggested LGMD or Metabolic Defect. She said it would be expensive and difficult diag. I decided to stop it there. Now a few more years later I'm dying for help so I'm going back to her but am I wasting time? I feel it's autoimmune. Here are my main symptoms. Muscle pain since childhood( cramping/ Charlie horses) very stiff back and joints. Tendons get pulled easily. Either raynouds or neuropathy in hands/feet. Cold urticaria. Pain in back hips and knees. Sharp chest/ rib cage pain. There's more but I will stop there. Any suggestions?
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I should also says this...I'm 29. I have a 10yr old girl and 4 yr old boy. No family history of MD.
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