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Abhijeet-Could you please help

Well this all started sometime in March of 2007 with numbness in left pinky finger. That was the only symptom back then and I never really paid attention to it. It would stay numb for a few hours in the morning and that was it. After that I really I used to get fatigued regularly so I thought it was because of work and since every new day I was fine, I just did not care about it. I have had IBS for 10 years or so, and I was using immodium very regularly (like 2 tablets every second day for 3 years in a row, until I started to use fiber and the I quit immodium). Anyways, on July 27th 2007 I had pain in my left arm. It was shooting pain from under my arm pit to the hand. I would have tingling in chest also. So I went to ER. Next day my PCP referred me to a Cardiologist. They did the following tests:
1. Blood Work
2. CT Scan
3. Stress Analysis Test using some kinda liquid
4. Ultra Sound of Heart Valves
Everything was Normal. I was told its in your head. May be it was. For the next 3 weeks, I was fine. No fatigue no pain whatsoever. Then in late August I was in washroom taking shower when I felt severe weakness again. Went to the Cardiologist again and this time they checked main arteries connecting to the heart. Again result was ok. Then I was referred to a Neurologist. This time I felt fatigued for almost 3 weeks. There was no tingling sensations at this point. Only fatigue, weakness in legs and arms and pain ONLY in left arm, same general area. No chest Pains. I was told to do the following tests by neurologist:
1. Evoked Potential
2. MRI of Brain and Cervical Spine
3. Lyme disease check
During this time I had been to the ER twice and seen my PCP like 5 times, in a period between Aug 28th 2007 to Oct 30th 2007. Everything came back normal was waiting on my MRI results when I again felt pain in left arm and went to Johns Hopkins on Nov 5th 2007, to see a Cardiologist. He suggested  he is 100% sure , that my heart is fine. He thought its your neck may be, but don’t do any tests, may be you will never find out what’s wrong.  Just chill.
3 Days later MRI results come and my PCP called me. Now I am again in some kinda remission mode, as no symptoms at all. No fatigue nothing. Anyways, MRI showed a 5mm lesion in my cervical spine. So I go back to my neurologist and he says it may be very early stage of MS. I was like whats that and he said we don’t have a diagnosis yet, so he cannot explain. I was like OK. I was asked to do LP and another MRI. I did the MRI on Dec 3rd 2007 but didn’t do the LP until today.
I wanted a second opinion so went to the 2nd neurologist also at Hopkins. (Hopkins is like 2 hrs drive from my house). The neuro said, after looking at my new and old MRI films that he thought the scar on 1st MRI is artifactual and he proved it by showing a line going through the spinal fluid area. He said you are fine. Your Brain looks beautiful and your cervical is absolutely fine as well as your thoerasic. He said in worse case situation come after 1 year and we will do MS testing, if even needed. Right now, he thought I don’t have any MS related symptoms. MRI is clean and there is no need for LP.
After that I felt ok for a few days, I did not have weakness or fatigue as I used to have, however, I had new symptoms. Like everything was loud to me at times, people talking around me made me uncomfortable, then I would have this one ear close suddenly for a few seconds. Tingling started to happen, mostly in arms and hand and feet. Sometimes in abdomen also. In late December 2007, my neck would feel tight. I would feel severe tightness in my neck. Then this weird sound in left year as if I am sitting in a plane. It would come and go. Again, fatigue was not there. I would go and work and do everything. Right now as I type my symptoms are:
Left arm pain, Tingling all over body, Today I had been typing in office for like 10 min, and as I moved my hand my right arm below elbow felt very weak and with severe pain I could not lift anything for like 10 min. Then everything was just normal. I still have that slight pain, but I can lift things easily. I still feel that my both arms are very weak, just comparing with what it was in July, back then I never had weakness in arms. Doctor’s say I don’t have MS or one said, just wait and see. See what???  My symptoms are with me very day nowdays, whether it is tingling or tightness in neck or pain in arm or weakness in arm. However, NO TWO SYMPTOMS OCCUR SIMULATANIOUSLY , MEANING IF I AM HAVING LEFT ARM PAIN(FROM WHERE IT ALL STARTED) I WONT HAVE RIGHT ARM PAIN, TINGLING COME AND GOES, I ONLY FEEL IT FOR LIKE 5 SECONDS and then  its gone. I am doing an LP on Jan 14th and see a spine specialist on Jan 17th. I have also felt lately that I have ZAPS, I mean those electric shock like things in my arms.
Could all this be due to some neurological changes in me, e.g may be new nerves, damage to nerves(but how, if not MS). I thought Doctor’s would eliminate very other thing and then talk about MS, here its just the opposite. Are these symptoms, totally insync with MS.  But if no lesions and even if LP is ok then what can be wrong. I’ve heard that in medical science human body’s neuro system is only 25% understood by medical science as compared to Heart which is like almost 100% understood by doctors. Is this true? Could you please tell me, what other diseases, these symptoms suggest? Are there any other diseases? Right now as I type, I feel that pulse like feeling in my right arm, its a bit difficult to explain, but I have felt this at night also in my feet while I am sleeping and I wake up because of this, its like its not pulse exactly, its like as if the nerve or something is creating a pulse like thing for a few seconds.
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