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After Hysterectomy now all of a sudden have Colonic Interia

Is it possible????  I had a Hysterectomy and after surgery I could not move my bowels for at least 3 weeks!!  The doctor told me that sometimes our organs don't wake up right away after surgery.  Well it became worst as weeks and months went on.  I was rushed to the hospital 4 months after surgery, I was having a difficult time breathing.  I was admitted and test were done.  I was backed up with poop, and had to have an enema, which really did not do much.  I then was instructed to drink a gallon of some stuff (that they prep you with to have a colonoscopy).  That was a nightmare, as I was drinking this, I became very bloated and nausea.  It took, 15 hours before I could move my bowels.  A total of 2 days drinking and pooping and I still was not cleared out!!  Still having trouble moving my bowels, sometimes days before I could go and then a week.  I called a gastro doc and he set up a colonoscopy.  I had to prep 2 days before the procedure.  The morning of the procedure I still was NOT cleaned out!!!!  YUCK.......still had to have the test.  Now come to find out i have COLONIC INTERIA, but NEVER had problems before the hysterectomy.  Is it possible that my gyne screwed something up??  I have also been having problems with my left leg (nerve) and 2 small toes going a little numb on me................but again NEVER had this until the hysterectomy!!!!  Could someone please tell me if a hysterectomy can cause COLONIC INTERIA???  I have been doing alot of research but find nothing!!!  I really think the gyne did some muscle and nerve damage to me since the op.  I have not felt the same since!!!  Is anyone else experiencing this after a hysterectomy????
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THis happened to Me and let Me tell you it has RUINED My life. Exact same thing NEVER constipated before hysterectomy. Docs just dismiss you. Its total BS! Im so sorry you are going thru this. SOme days I just feel hopeless now and wish to die because of this. Had My hysterectomy in Jan and now no health ins. due to job loss and divorce. Im really scared now what will happen to me as I just know I will need surgery to correct. Im really really in a bad situation just because I had a SLOPPY doctor do my hysterectomy and he was the head doc at GBMC hospital in baltimore! Sad thats the BEST they can do huh?
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Thanks for writing in.
There is no clear cut association between hysterectomy and colonic inertia. Some of the causes of colonic inertia include inadequate water intake, inadequate fiber, lack of physical activity, increased stress, hypothyroidism, eating large amounts of dairy products, irritable bowel syndrome, neurological diseases and depression.
Avoiding dairy products, warm liquids, fruits and vegetables and drnking plenty of water helps.
It is very difficult to tell at the moment if your symptom of colonic inertia is due to the recent surgical procedure.
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