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Does this sound like MS to you?

My daughter has been having symptoms of MS since she was 6, beginning shortly after recovering from a bout of mycoplasma (the neoro thinks that might be significant).  It started with shooting pains in her left leg that resulted in numerous orthopedic and neurological tests, including bone scans, MRIs, etc.  No dx.  After several occurances over a one+ year period, the pains seemed to diminish on their own -great!  By the time she was in high school, there were periodic recurrances ("Mom, I've got that leg thing again . . . "), always assumed to be related to a sports injury, etc., since they would resolve themselves after a few days or so.  
Now she is a junior in college.  Three months ago she calls to tell me that one of her pupils is fully dilated, but the other is normal, and she can't make the dilated on go down.  They did a CT scan in the ER - found nothing.  It resolved on its own in a day.  Is that an ON? Leg pains are back, and are now accompanied by numbness in her left arm and the back of her head.  In addition, she has tightness in her abdominal area, constant feeling like she needs to urinate, but not much production, is frequently either constipated or has oily diarrhea, fatigued, episodes of muscle twitches and rigidity on her left side, and a shooting pain from her hip to her foot that makes her unable to walk sometimes.  

Our first neuro visit was last week - normal nerve conduction and EMG.  MRI was done last Friday - no lesions on the brain.  We have been referred to an MS specialist at Duke - appointment is next week.  

Sorry to ramble, but does this sound like MS?  Is there anything I should be sure we get her tested for that could produce these symptoms?  I'm scared, and want to make sure we get a diagnosis of whatever this is.  

Thanks for this forum.  I've learned a ton just reading about others' experiences.
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I am also a member of the MS community here & they're a wonderful , supportive bunch of people. Most there are really knowledgable about MS & all that goes with it if you would like to check out some of the posts or post your question there too!
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