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Is it all in my head?

I was involved in a collision about three and a half weeks ago.  I was rear-ended while going about 25 mph.  The kid who hit me was going at least 50 mph.  I have had an MRI of the brain, CT of c-spine, chest and abdomen, echocardiogram, holter monitor, tilt table test, x-ray of neck and back.  All are normal or borderline.  I have been experiencing tremors and an unusual limping, trembling gait when walking.  I never know until I start walking if I will be walking normal or not, because it comes and goes, not seeming to be related to my mood at all.  When I first get up from sitting, my right leg seems to stutter before it moves to walk.  I have also had 4 episodes of lightheadedness, where I felt like I was going to pass out.  My handwriting is similar--sometimes it is normal, other times it is very shaky/slow, changing within minutes.  I have been referred to a mental health professional, but think there must be some physical reason for these distressing symptoms.  The only diagnoses I have been given are cervical, thoracic, and back strain and now post concussive syndrome, but I cannot find any documentation on this syndrome affecting motor skills.

Please advise!  I am so frustrated.  I just want to walk like a normal healthy person again!  
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Get another MRI or your spine they now have more advanced ones that show more.  Obviously there is some nerve involvement that they have not diagnosed.  You HAVE to be your own advocate, nobody else will.  They will just tell you what they see and then they will go on to the next patient.  This unfortunately could be something that could paralyze you if it goes undetected.  I am sure you have heard of people that were told they were fine and then they ended up paralyzed because of something that was missed.   Dont let this happen to you.  You are walking weird...that would mean something in the thoracic or lumbar region....something missed that is compressing on a nerve.... a fracture????   Please be adament and demand a second opinion.  Let me know what the outcome is... and no it is not in your head, although it could be swelling that will subside with rest.  Lets pray that is what it is.  Sage
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