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I've been half blind after stroke pls. help.

Dear friends,

Two years ago I was driving my car down the road and I was on the stop signal waiting for the green light. In that few minutes of waiting I started to stretch my neck leaning forward and sideward and then turning my face to the left and to the right. Normally when I am turning my face to the left and right I have this habit that I will give a little push with a help of my fingers on my chin and I normally apply a little force by pushing sideways and this way I can hear cracking sound at the back of my neck that gives me a little feeling of relief. But I am doing this action not because of I am feeling fatigue or tired but I feel it has become my habit of stretching my neck and sometimes I am stretching and cracking my fingers as well.

On January 4, 2007 something has really happened different after stretching my neck and this is the time when I felt my vision turned into like a scrambled TV Channel it looks like a horizontal lines that is moving up and down so fast. Then I tried to close my eyes for about 30 seconds then when I opened my eyes the scrambling vision was gone. I thought I can continue to drive so I stepped on the gas pedal and the car started running slowly but I was feeling of so much discomfort and worried about what is going on. After about 50 meters I am approaching a corner when my brother who was sitting next to me grabbed the stirring wheel and turned it to the left and in that, I was surprised and I break the car abruptly realizing that something is in front of us that I can not see. When I turned my whole face to my right side I saw that there was a car parked on the side of the road and I could have hit it if my brother wasn’t there. This is the point where I came to realize that I lost my peripheral vision. I also lost my balance but I can still walk, I am feeling drowsiness and vomited few times during the time when I was admitted in the hospital. I was in the hospital for about a week and I have been monitored and tests were also conducted such as Blood full profile, CBC, Absolute neutrofil count, CT scan
Vision field analysis, ECG, Carotid duplex scan. All the test have shown normal with some which is little above high level and this is the cholesterol level. The findings from the doctors show that I had a mild stroke which I am still doubtful to believe and so I am seeking for other opinion.
After two years my vision is still the same, but I don’t feel too much of drowsiness anymore which is a good improvement, I am doing exercise regularly and taking multi vitamins more on B1, B6 and B12, Aspirin is also required as blood thinner.
I need your help what is the best test to find out the actual problem? Can MRI test find the exact location of nerve which is affected? And what is the cure and prevention for this problem? I really appreciate your help and thank you in advance..

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