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My brain is vibrating...and its getting worse

My symptoms began in 2012 and have evolved to the point now where my brain feels like it is vibrating, and I really need to seek answers before I go crazy.  Until recently, the sensations happened only during the night while sleeping or immediately upon waking.  It began by feeling like my bed was shaking or vibrating, like a small earthquake or like a train was passing directly underneath my bed (I live in Northern Virginia, which is known for its underground tunnel system).  These "events" happened randomly.

By 2013, the events had evolved into feeling like my body was actually vibrating.  These have since escalated to hearing loud roaring sounds (like white noise on steroids) coupled with the sensation of having a wind tunnel directly above my head blowing hurricane force winds through my entire body.  This sensation can last for several very long seconds. The first few times it happened it was very frightening!  At first, these were coupled with sleep paralysis and a hypnogogic state.  I have since gotten used to them and can now actually move around and even lift my head and open my eyes as it is happening!

By the end of 2015, the sensations evolved again and now feel like certain regions of my brain are physically vibrating.  At first, the vibrations felt like they were in the region of the brain near the cerebellum. These experiences were random until maybe 2-3 weeks ago when they began occurring every. single. night.

Now the vibration sensations have escalated further and other regions of my brain near the frontal and parietal lobes also feel like they are physically vibrating.  Sometimes the sensation is felt in just one region of the brain and other times 2 regions feel like they are vibrating at the same time.  

Also, these sensations used to happen only while sleeping or immediately upon waking.  Now, they happen even while I am awake (but always while laying down).  Two nights ago, for the first time, the brain vibrations started only 25 minutes after I laid down for the night. I was still wide awake...hadn't even fallen asleep yet!  Tonight I am going to try sleeping while sitting up as test to see if it will resolve the symptoms.

Other more recent symptoms include brain "zaps", brief seconds of lightheadedness, and a tingling or numbing sensation along my forehead, top and back of my head.  The latter two happen during the daytime.  Sometimes it feel like my entire body is wrapped in some sort of energetic field.

When I search the symptoms on WebMD or other medical websites, I get no results.  When I search them on Google, I get a bunch of New Age websites talking about Ascension symptoms and other strange phenomenon. I just want to know what is happening to me!  Today, I searched "my brain is vibrating " and found multiple forums where other people report the same or very similar experiences.  While its reassuring to know I am not the only one experiencing this, it is less reassuring that no one seems to know what is causing it.  For as many who report similar symptoms, there seem to be just as many different medical theories being tossed around.  In short, no one seems to have an answer.  

Why are case studies not being done on this?  Because this is obviously affecting a LOT of people.  
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