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Nervouse system

do autonomic nerves heal the same way as any other? is it dangerous to let numbness continue? I get numbness in my leg and arm at night time.
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the nerves that control your limbs aren't directly linked with the autonomic nervous system.

if it was a neurological problem, there would be something causing the numbness, not the numbness causing any sort of damage.

is it only on one side? which side? did you have any other symptoms at all?
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its on the right side.
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Ive been having pain in the private area as well.
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is it something like Urinary Tract Infection? are you a male or female?
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female. no I think I have nerve damage,Im really scared because I also think I have gangrene down there.
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I went to the doctor and thank God it wasn't gangrene. I do have a yeast infection but that wouldn't be causing my nerves to mess up.
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you don't have to think in terms of "gangrene" or "nerve damage" because you don't know.

there are problems related with the Immune System that can foster Vaginal Candidiasis and at the same time give "neurological" symptoms.

So first of all what you are experiencing doesn't necessarily mean it is caused by an irreversible "nerve damage". it could be something that will heal spontaneously without leaving any damage as well as it could develop into a chronic condition but that would be over the course of years not weeks.

it is something that needs medical attention but I wouldn't be so sure that you could find someone able to identify the problem and, most of all, treat it.

beware that these type of problems can go on for over a year. you brain and cognitive functions could have been involved too without you even realising it. that would slow you down a bit, difficulty to concentrate, brain fog, lack of short term memory.

you could consult a Rheumathologist.

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Ok. Thanks. My doctor said maybe I should go back to the chiropractor because I do have a pinched nerve in my back but i doubt that is causing it either.
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you're right probably it's not from a Orthopaedic problem. only considering that you have numbness in one arm too therefore there should be a giant bulging disc in your neck or something
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There's not. Im still messed up! This is so annoying! I was walking today and started getting a really sharp pain down there. I told the doctor that it didnt itch it just hurts. I dont know what else to do. Should I wait for it to go away? It was worse than this about a month ago. Im just tired of going to the doctor and they keep saying yeast infection.
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theoretically you should consult a specialist, Demathologist. maybe they have a way to test what it is in a lab. you could do a Vaginal PH test they sell it Pharmacies.

I have been dealing for months with some type of mold infection. doctors weren't really able to help so I tried some home remedies.

the most efficient is Baking Soda, it kills fungal infection by altering the PH (Sodium Bicarbonate is a strong base)

try google "vaginal douche "  with  "baking soda".

another option is Bleach. bleach is basically the same component they use in public swimming  pools to kill fungi.

you could try a hut tub in water with bleach, in just a higher concentration than swimming pool.

or hot tub with a whole box of baking soda. ( a couple of times a week)

careful with both products because if added directly to the skin and not diluted they can burn the skin pretty bad.

in my case though it was a particular type of infection. in your case probably it's Candida or other common yeast that reside normally in the mouth and vagina but has flared up because of a momentary imbalance in the immune system.

did you take anti-biotics? antibiotics kill the good bacteria that control Candida. one other thing they suggest for Vaginal Candidiasis is to eat yogurt with pro-biotics.

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Yes Im taking a second round of antibiotics and Flora Plus
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why did you have a prescription of Antibiotics exactly?

antibiotics can cause Vaginal Candidiasis.

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I dont know. Both doctors I went to gave me antibiotics and the chiro gave me Flora plus. Im just trying to do what they told me to. When I run out of these meds I dont know what im going to do if im not well by then. :P
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they gave you Antibiotics for yeast infection? Antibiotics only fight bacteria not yeast. they foster yeast infections. what the chiro gave you makes a lot more sense to me.

one thing you could do is to find a different Doctor...  
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Lol. Ok.
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Thanks for all your help. I still feel real crappy. I think the nerve pain is traveling. Is that possible?
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you can expect virtually anything from problems related with the CNS.

for example this morning I woke up with numb fingertips on the left hand!  
I'll just wait and see how long this new symptom will keep me company
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So you have nerve problems also?
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oh yeah
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I think I found out what my problem is...now to get some meds that will actually help. :) I hope your problems get better. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. :)
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thanks, we don't have Thanksgiving here but since it will be on my birthday I take it any ways :)

what do you think your problem is.. if I may ask... and which meds are you going to try?
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