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Neuro symptoms and atrophy- Please answer Doc
I am a 24 year old male. I have been experience the following very unusual symptoms-
- My brother said my right shoulder blade shoulder muscles feel soft- especially compared to the left. I am right handed so this doesn't make sense. I think the whole shoulder area has had atrophy ( muscle waste).
- It also seems as though i have atrophy in my right limb - bicep, forearm and hand. Its strange I have had feelings of weakness in the arm. I am right handed. Very strange. Also maybe in my right leg....not sure.
- I have had big twitches in my right arm about 3 weeks ago. They don't seem that constant anymore. I always seem to have twitches in my calve muscles. Especially my right leg. But sometimes around my thighs and in my feet.
- I have had subjective numbness on my right arm, part of my right hand and right foot.
- I have a little rash on my right shoulder blade, but very subtle. And some large pimples (cist?) things in between my shoulder blades near spine. Could be unrelated.
- I have a weird numb/burning feeling on the top of my head that has been pretty much constant for the last two weeks.
- I have had hypersensitivity around my right shoulder- burning sensation. I stood near a fire it felt insanely tingly. Also had burning sensations on my face, chest and stomach about 2 weeks ago. But those sensations have subsided.
- It seams that my right leg has perceived weakness and maybe atrophy. It falls to sleep very easily.
-On occasion I have felt dizzy and a bit disconnected. I have had insomnia. Waking up very early ( often twitch in my sleep).
- I can perform all my normal tasks. Walk, run and surf. My coordination seems ok. Maybe not quite as good as usual.

Now leading up to these more current symptoms I have been very anxious about HIV results which came back negative at the 12 week mark.
I have had a whole set of blood tests to try and rule out blood diseases. STDs all negative, Normal blood counts, and levels are all normal. Before the numb feeling was more within my right arm. About 4 weeks ago there was perceived swelling of my bicep and under my collar bone- maybe my elbow.
Numb feeling from face seemed to sought of propagate from my right cheek and arm to the top of my head.
I have gone through a full range of possibilities from the original HIV scare to lymphoma. Doctor has said that according to symptoms and tests already done they can most likely be ruled out.
However she mentioned MS. Did a pin ***** test on me and said that the numbness i thought i felt was subjective and not actual, because I could feel the pins. Now she seems to think that alot my stuff is anxiety related. I have been highly emotional over the last few months. However since my HIV negative ( at 12 weeks) my anxiety has depleted quite significantly, but these unusual physical symptoms persist.
Now the whole neuro thing didn't even occur to me until she mentioned it, in particularly MS. But she said it was unlikely as the symptoms seem to propagate out of my shoulder. I particularly noticed the shoulder thing because I thought it was lymph swelling, but apparently it wasn't. She has given me a form for an MRI but suggests that it is not necessary. However the recent revelation of muscle waste is very scary ( in particular the thought of ALS). The right shoulder area and arm has definitely had muscle depletion.

So there is the background and here are the questions
- Should I get an MRI?
- What other tests should I get? And should I go see a neurologists?
- And the scariest question does this seem like ALS? I can always remember having muscle twitches throughout the years. And my legs often seem to go dead in alot of situations. Always though of it normal.

Strange symptoms. What next?

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