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Perinatal Hypoxia

I am a 36 year old female, who for us far back as I rememember have always had
great and severe difficulties with my memory, to the point that I was so embarrassed
and ashamed of it, feeling very inadequate and inferior. This disabled me and prevented me
from achieving in life.  I also recall being weak and tired as a child which remained with me
and became worse as I got older, I was then diagnosed with M.E, (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in 2006.  
In addition to all of this, I also recall having low levels of Anxiety as far back as I remember,
which has progressively got worse to the point that it has now been diagnosed as Chornic Anxiety
which I have constantly all the time with no release.   When I was born, my mother remembers that I
had breathing difficulties and was fighting for breath, it appeared that I was in panic and very stressed.
I was dizzy and my mum had a hard time to get me to go to sleep. My mother also recalls that she had a dry birth
when I was born, my mother was also under huge stress when she was pregnant with me.  After six months of my
birth, it was noticed that I had developed a squint in my right eye which has no prescription and the other
eye was also weak. I had an operation which was not successful and had to wear a patch on the good eye
which meant I could hardly see anything at all and again was under huge stress.  All these factors have
troubled me my entire life and become more severe over 10 years ago, especially with relation to the
weakness/tiredness and Anxiety issues. I have been looking for answers for years and have been doing a
lot of research in order to come to some sort of conclusion and possible treatment as this has taken over
and ruined my entire life and potential in life.  I believe all these things are related and connected to
one another and stemed from when I was born, as these issues have always been present in my life and I can
not believe that I could have so many seperate conditions.   My theory is that I had some sort of brain damage
at birth and therefore I went for Neuropsychological assessment and an MRI scan which both point to this.
The Neuropsychological test showed that I had an impaired memory, yet all other functions were in the above
average and superior range and the MRI scan showed mild perinatal hypoxia, (oxygen deprivation at birth).    
This is what I believe to be the cause, though my neurologist says it is not conclusive evidence, however
my entire life experience with these findings certainly add up and make a whole lot of sense.  I have been
going backwards and forwards to the doctors and many specialist for years with no hope of any treatment for
any of my symptoms and feel I have no hope in living a normal life and achieving my goals, dreams and aspirations.  

I am a determined person with drive and ambition and do not want this condition to continue having an impact on my life and future, therefore am looking into possible treatments/cures.  I wanted to know whether perinatal hypoxia, which I was told, can kill off the memory cells which can not be repaired if not recognised at birth, can also cause fatigue and anxiety related issues?   The Neuropsychologist explained to me that I have had the anxiety from after I was born due to the many trauma's I had and this became a learned behaviour pattern which developed into chronic anxiety since it was not recognised and treated all this time.  

I am looking into stem cell therepy in Germany which can address all of these issues, would you recommend such a
treatment and do you feel it is a safe option?

I am also on the waiting list to have cognative behaviour therepy.   What other treatments or help is available to me?
What are your suggestions and thoughts on the information I have given to you?  

I would appreciate your comments and suggestions,

Kind regards.
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