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Seeing grids in vision

Male, 24, no health conditions, never used drugs or smoked. From Australia.

In the last two weeks I’ve had: blood test for just about every organ, sugar level, iron, etc etc. two eye doctor visits and an MRI. Blood pressure check etc.

All came back healthy.

I noticed this a month ago but it could’ve been there since forever.

When I stay in a dark room for awhile then rapidly go in a bright lit room and look at a bright plain surface like a wall, when my eyes are in that period of “greying out/adjusting to the brightness” I see a very faint glowing grid pattern in my vision for a couple of seconds until my eyes adjust. It only appears on the plain surfaces, it doesn’t create blind spots, it’s in entire visual field and not hemisphere split, it ONLY is visible if I do this exact hyper awareness experiment, no other symptoms occur.

Anyone heard of this?
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Gosh, that's a lot. I've heard of seeing grids as a sign of macular degeneration. https://lowvisionsource.com/seeing-vertical-lines-in-vision/  What exactly does your eye doctor SAY about what is happening? I know you are worried about a neurological issue as well. Maybe if you read through this, you may find some things that will be of interest as well:  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Eye-Care/My-Daddy-is-seeing-grid-patterns-and-honeycomb-patterns/show/636552

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