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Severe Migraines Resistent to Standard Treatment

I have been suffering from a consistent migraine/headache for over seven months now, about since the time my thyroid began failing,  it was found out that I have hashimotos disease.  I am still trying to get the correct does of synthroid but even at .137 my T4 count was -10.  I also have GERD, which I take nexium for,  IBS which I occasionally will take either hyoscyamine or donnatal for, and I take xanax for anxiety and also because I am afraid around new people.  I also have fibromyalgia for which I was entered into my states medical marijuana program.  I was first tried on Topamax but I was not able to tolerate the medication.  I had read about psilocybin/LSD for the treatment of cluster headaches.  I have found that LSD relieves the severity of my migraines.  After a dose of LSD I have 2-3 weeks where I only need verapamil and occasionally mild pain meds.  After four or more weeks my migraines comeback full swing on a daily basis.  Recently I have been taking 6 aspirin 1100 mg of naproxen sodium and several percocet on a daily basis on top of smoking MJ.  Even with such a ridiculous amount of medication it only dulls the pain.

I understand that LSD and psilocybin (I have not tried for my headaches) are 5-ht agonists and that this class of medicine is commonly used to treat migraines.  I believe that imitrex and other newer migraine medicines are NSAID's (I can barely tolerate the aleve and aspirin).  I was wondering if perhaps ergotamine which I understand was commonly used in 1980's for migraine treatment might be a good substitute for using illicit substances.  I do not feel comfortable speaking with my neurologist about my self medication because of the stigma attached to "drug use" and also I currently do not have a prescription for percocet either (I am afraid to ask because I don't want to be labeled as a seeker, even though he said I could go to the ER for shots).  Any information would be great, where I live there is no one who specializes in migraines.  I apologize for my bad grammer.
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