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Sudden onset diplopia with facial pain

4 Doctors and no answer so far!!  I have done a number of Google searches for the issues I've been having and still am coming up at a dead end!  Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction!

4 weeks ago I had a sudden onset of double vision.  This was followed a few days later with stabbing pain in my left temple.  I visited my optometrist who said everything checked out in my eyes - no injury or damage to the optic nerve and referred me to an opthal-neurologist.

She ordered an MRI of my brain with and without contrast.  That came back normal.  No lesions, stroke or tumors. Then a Lumbar Puncture that came back normal pressure and no infection in the fluid.  Bloodwork was normal except for a very low T4 count but normal TSH.  I had blood drawn a second time and it was normal.

During all this the pain in my temple had radiated to my left cheekbone and around my eye socket.  It is very sensitive to the touch, and is numb right at the "apple" of my cheek. My ear had also started to have some sensitivity on the top of my ear (almost as if I had an ear infection)

After the lumbar puncture came back normal, my neurologist basically said there was nothing else she could check for me.

I had an appointment with an ENT to make sure it wasn't an ear infection gone haywire, and nothing in his initial evaluation suggested it.  He did a laryngyscope (sp?) and didn't see any tumors or lesions in my nasal passages.  He ordered a CT scan to check my sinuses.

I do have an appointment next week with a new neurologist (not an optha- specific) to get a second opinion.

In my history, I did have an episode of Transverse Myelitis about 8 years ago that was not too severe (not paralysis, but I do have a bit of leg numbness after exerting myself).

I have had a weight gain of 20 lbs in the past year, but I haven't changed diet or exercise (I am fairly active and don't overindulge).  The weight gain has pushed me up into a BMI of 27.5 - overweight :(

As a child I had an underactive thyroid that resumed normalcy after puberty.

And lastly I did have a sister that had these same symptoms 10 years ago when she was my age (37 years) who eventually was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphmoma.  But I would think any cancer would have shown up in my blood work by now, right?

Hope I haven't bored anyone, but I am hoping there is someone out there who has had these same issues and had a genius doctor who figured it out!!


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