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head pain

1 week ago my 20 year old son got hit in the head right above his left ear with a couple of paintballs at close range.  He did not go unconscious, just pain in the head. Since then, his head is no longer tender to touch and no more bump, but when he goes outside into the heat, he has severe, sudden sharp, throbbing pain. It lasts for various amounts of time. Also when he is active at all, he gets this pain. e.g. he went up & down stairs twice yesterday.  He can't run even short distances.  He is healthy otherwise -- no smoking, alcohol, or drugs, and is normally very active. This pain is localized and does not radiate into other areas of his head.  He has a friend who had an aneurysm due to a paintball injury.  How likely is it for him to develop an aneurysm in this area of his head?  Do you think he may just have some brain trauma that will resolve in a few weeks?
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How are you? How is your son? Headaches that occur within one to two days after head trauma are relatively common. Usually, there is generalized dull, aching, constant discomfort with intermittent exacerbations, vertigo, lightheadedness, inability to concentrate, problems with memory, becoming tired quickly, and irritability. Post-trauma headaches may continue for up to a few months, although headaches that are not beginning to improve within a week or two after a traumatic event should be evaluated.

Signs and symptoms to watch out for are : sudden, severe, persistent headache that becomes severe within a few seconds or minutes; a severe headache associated with a fever or stiff neck; or headache associated with a seizure, personality changes, confusion, or loss of consciousness; a new headache associated with neurologic symptoms ( weakness, numbness, impaired vision); AND headache that begins quickly after strenuous exercise or minor trauma.

With these in mind, it would be best to bring your son to your doctor or hospital immediately for proper evaluation.

Take care and keep us posted.
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Hi - it seems entirely possible your son has a trauma related injury to his head.
Some 3 yrs ago I had a TIA, fell backwards on my head, was unconscious until paramedics got here, who administered oxygen, then took me to the Accident & Emergency Dept. where they diagnosed a subdural haematoma....believe that is a blood clot between my skull and brain. They did not do an MRI on my head, but a neurologist did some hand and eye movement tests.
I had a big sore bump (size of an egg) on the skull and headaches for a week or so, but have been fine since.

Perhaps it would be best for your son to go to the ER for examination and treatment?

Take care,
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