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low carb diet for pre- diabetes people.

Does anyone out there on a low carb diet?

I have been trying to do the low carb diet for the past four months, i have not seen that much weight loss. Exercise wise, i do irish dancing once a week, were i work, i walk at least four to five miles in an eight hour period.

Does anyone have any advice?
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I like the paleo diet.  My weight loss had stalled for a long time, and now I'm losing again on the paleo diet.  There's a lot of information out there about the paleo diet, nowadays.  A book called The Paleo Approach is a good introduction.  I also like the PaleoMom website, and she also has a book that has just come out.  Nom Nom Paleo is another good source.  In effect, the paleo diet is a low-carb diet, because you don't eat any grains.  The South Beach program also has a low-carb version of their diet.  In my opinion, both the paleo diet and the low-carb version of the South Beach diet are low-carb diets that are very healthy.  Good luck.
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The only other thing I can say is, be patient.  My plateau lasted about a year, and had I given up, I would have had to start back at square one.  It's better to "hold what you got" than it is to go back to gaining weight.  Enjoy yourself and keep up the good work.  
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Low carb diets can be healthy or not depending on what's included.  Remember that vegetables are carbs, too, which is where Atkins when wrong -- not enough vegetables and their essential nutrients.  Also keep in mind that there's no such thing as a Paleo diet, it's just a name -- as long as they've dug up our ancestors they've found chewed grains.  But of course they were whole grains, not processed flours, and not all grains are created equal.  Which is to say, there's a lot of room for experimentation out there for you, but be sure not to do a diet that doesn't include enough antioxidant and mineral rich foods, which is mostly vegetables and fruits.  
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Stay as far away from Herbalife as you can.  It's a Ponzi scheme, not a supplement company.  They make their money through the payments by their sales people, not from selling their secretive products that nobody has access to so can't determine quality control as you can when products are sold on store shelves.  My guess is the above person is one of their salespeople.
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Look up the curves member guide they have a low crab diet that did wonders for me...6 lbs in three weeks :) hope that helps
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my husband took herbalife for 2 weeks and had to have emergency surgery on his heart he had a heart ablation his heart sped uo to 160 beets per minute they had to destroy the fast part of his heart or he would die now he only has the part of his heart that works slow all because he took herbalife this was allso confirmed by the heart surgeon but since herbalife is not regulated by the fda we could not do anything about it because its just vitamins or at least herbalife says they are ,there is stuff in those pills we know nothing about this happened over 15 years ago
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Atkins never said to not eat vegetables! What he stated was to not take in carbs. beyond the point of not giving off Keytones.
The maximum number of grams of carbs, known as your personal carb balance, that you can consume while continuing to lose weight.

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Look at the independent research on Atkins.  When I managed health food stores many of my customers tried Atkins, and he did in fact take them off vegetables for the most part until they reached a certain weight.  When they added vegetables back in, they were very small portions.  The independent research showed this diet did not do what was intended, which was not so much weight loss as to eliminate heart disease (I believe what Atkins died of) and didn't result in lasting weight loss.  That's why you don't hear about it much these days.  The newer low carb diets allow more vegetables, but the best diets is still one tailored to the individual, not some generalization.  But of course, anyone is free to do whatever they want and hopefully get what they want out of it.  I just think lifetime eating changes are better than generalized diets, and the research on most diets confirms that most people eventually just gain the weight back again.  This is an area very much in the minds of FDA because so many claims are made and so few pan out, it's a very tough area, but I do wish everyone the best of outcomes.
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