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Dizziness after wisdom teeth extraction


I had my wisdom teeth extracted more than a month ago. All four teeth, except the botton right teeth, was easy. The one difficult teeth took more than a couple of minutes of forceful tugging and pulling, with extra anaesthesia injected because of some pain.

The recovery was perfectly fine, except for nausea for which I was prescribed some anti-nausea pills. I took pain medication just once, and the anti-nausea pills just once. I was fine in just one day, recovering well from the extraction, with no pain or swelling.

After four days, I suddenly experienced dizziness and weakness while at work. I went to see my GP and she said I had Benign Positional Vertigo and that it would go in 2 weeks. The dizziness, which I would describe as mild, has been constant for the next 4 weeks. I also have blurry vision. Also, my sinuses got blocked during the night constantly.

My ear started popping two weeks after extraction. My GP said it was Eustachian Tube dysfunction and prescribed steroids, nasal and oral. Now I have a ear infection as a result of taking a flight when I had a cold. My dizziness and sinus

My question:

1) Did the wisdom teeth extraction have anything to do with the original dizziness, blurry vision and sinus problems?

2) If so, How does the ear popping connect with the wisdom teeth extraction?

I am still struggling with the dizziness and ear problems. Any ideas would be helpful.

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1. not likely

I suggest you see a Board Certified Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon.

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