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Fosamax reaction

My wife was on fosamax for ten years.She developed a squamous cell  carcenoma of the mucosa of the left  mandible. There was extensive osteonecrosis of the mandible.After excellent treatment and much pain and.suffering

she seems to be cancer free.She suffers from paresihrsia of the left jaw and loss of five teeth which cannot be repjaced with implants.  

My question ;did  the prolonged use of fosamax cause and  exacerbate the osteonecrosis ?

   Retired DDS

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To the best of my knowledge, Fosamax has not been linked in the development of oral cancers.  Without knowing what came first, the oral cancer or the osteonecrosis it is impossible to answer your question.  Frequently, following the surgical removal of squamous cell carcinoma post-op radiation therapy is performed.

A serious side effect of the radiation treatment is osteoradionecrosis which appears very similar to the osteonecrosis caused by Fosomax type medications.

A microvascular free bone graft may be able to reconstruct the lost bone and aid in the replacement of the teeth with dental implants.

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