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My Tooth

I recently got a half root canal done about 1-2 months ago , I could not afford to pay it so i just left it the dentist told me it is severely dangerous but i did my own thing. After it was done there was some what of a lump above the tooth that it was done to and it has stayed until now there has always been pain when i pushed on it , Now i am in pain that i can not explain the whole side of my jaw has seemed to be in effect i bang the tooth and there is no pain when i push on the lump it feels like there is water in there or something I don't know weather to continue to do the root canal or extract the tooth
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I know it's easy for me to say and not exactly what you want to hear, but your dentist was correct.  You have left an active infection in your jaw which has been destroying vital bone which supports that tooth, the adjacent teeth and potentially other important structures.

Your delay in treatment may have made a bad situation worse.  If you cannot afford to save the tooth then extraction may be your last resort.  It is better to remove the tooth than to allow the infection to continue.  The best option would be to save the tooth but it is understandable if that option is not viable for you.  If you live near a dental school or a hospital that has dental residents, you may be able to have the root canal done at a reduced fee.

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