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Numbness after extraction?

Last Friday (22nd Feb) I had a tooth extraction. It was slightly embedded and at an obscure angle as it was growing behind my other front teeth. I had 3 injections as I could still feel the pain, during the removal I could feel the ligaments tearing but the dentist ignored me and carried on. A bit of the root snapped off, but the dentist said chance of infection is low as long as i continue with vigirous cleaning (salt water, antibacterial mouth wash)
My question is.. My cheek and left side of chin were numbed for this extration, a couple of hours after the extraction the numbness in my cheek went away. However, 5 days on the numbness in the left side of my chin and lip is still there. I am starting to feel some sensation back in it, some itching, tingling and a bit of pain at the site of injection. I saw the dentist the day after the extraction to make sure it was normal and he said it could last for up to 2 weeks because of tissue trauma due to position of the tooth and how the dentist had to angle himself to remove it. He also said the wound is healing perfectly, no infection.
I was just wondering if this numbness will go, and when should i be concerned about it? Like i said there IS feeling coming back into it.

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If you have any sensory deficits after 2 weeks you should see a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.  Nerve injury is a well know complication with the removal of wisdom teeth and even fewer are permanent.

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