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pain 5 weeks after wisdom tooth extraction

Hello,  It is 4 am and I can't sleep due to the pain in my face.  I had two wisdom teeth extracted on Oct. 30th.  both on the left side.  I went back to the OS after almost 2 weeks as I still had pain.  Not directly at the site of the extraction, but pain that radiated thru my other teeth.  She said because of my age (41) this took longer and prescribed more ibuprofen 600 mg.  At exactly two weeks after the procedure, I experience one day of relatively no pain.  After that the pain starting comming back.

After another week, the pain is now radiating up thru my cheek and ear.  I call and saw a different doctor who said that I had a dry socket and that he could see bone as we was packing it with a dissolvable packing.   Before I left the office, the ear pain was subsiding but not the other pain.  I took another ibuprofin and felt better, not great, but better.  That was a Friday.  The pain persisted thru the weekend.  On monday, I went back to the OS as I was still in pain and now waking up every 4 hours with pain in my teeth and cheek.  My OS was there and gave me a cloth packing.  she said that the whole was very small.  This did not give me much relief.  The packing came out on Thursday morning.  The actual site felt better as it was feeling like I had something stuck in the socket before it came out.  Unforturnly, the fact pain is still here.

I have been using hot compresses on my face almost all day and taking 600mg of ibuprofin every four hours.  I can't imaging that all of these painkillers are good for me.

Is this normal?  Is my age making this pain last so long?  could there be other reasons for this pain.

After about an hour after I took more ibuprofin, I have a mild ache in cheek and can feel pain in a couple bottom teeth, close to front of mouth.

Any help you can offer is most appreciated.
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Dry sockets do not typically last this long!  I would be concerned about osteomyelitis or the adjacent tooth causing your symptoms.

A Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon would probably order a CT scan of your jaw and evaluate the vitality of the adjacent teeth.

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