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Any tips on fractured tibia recovery?

So for the background..

I am a 25 year old male, currently serving in the Army. While running on August 8th I sprained my ankle, or so I thought at the time.  It was swollen and difficult to walk on through the weekend, but I used RICE and on Monday I was back at work, walking just find  For about a week and a half I focused on getting the sprain healed and keeping the motion in my ankle healthy. It seemed to heal up fine, but no matter what I retained a pain in my ankle when I would try to run and just couldn't get it better.  I decide to go to the doctor on the 20th to get some guidance.  Doctor tells me that with how well I am walking and moving around, she thinks things are fine, but sends me in for x-rays just in case. On the 22nd I get a call from my doctor telling me to head to the orthopedic department of the hospital and that the doctor is waiting there to give me a cast.  It turns out I fractured my tibia down near my ankle, I believe on the front of it.  After receiving cast, I was sent out on crutches.  No real guidance other than "don't walk on it, see you in a few weeks".

Now my question, what can I do to heal this fracture in the absolute quickest possible time? The reason that I ask is that I am currently in a training timeline to join Special Operations and my next mandatory class starts November 3rd, roughly 10 weeks from now.  I do not want to miss this class.  The class is not too physically intensive, but will require a lot of running with some jumping, crawling etc.  I am currently spending most of my time on the couch, and when I do have to go somewhere I use crutches, weight bearing at an absolute minimum.  I haven't smoked since the initial injury, and haven't drank alcohol since my cast was put on.  I have been focusing on eating as healthy as possible, maximizing protein and mineral intake, specifically calcium.

Any tips would be appreciated. Even if you think I know it, I'd still like to hear it.  Making my class November 2nd is extremely important, so if there's anything at all I can do to try to speed this recovery I'm willing to try it.
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Thanks guys I really appreciate it. I will definitely look into the orthotics. I have my first follow up in just over a week so I will post the results.
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Just like you were told. Don't walk on it.

Good nutrition is important. You are young and will heal quickly. Not knowing the extent of the fracture, I can't estimate your recovery. Keep off it until given the green light. Reinjury is going to be a big risk. Be disciplined.

You will need PT after the bone heals.

As for making that class -- this is possible, but your chances are 50/50. You're cutting it close.

Share your concerns with the doctor. Perhaps they have a trick or two up their sleeve to accelerate healing?
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Usually healing time is roughly six to eight weeks. From what you wrote you are doing all the right things.  Consider a set custom orthotics once the cast is removed.  


Training in your tactical boots as opposed to runners will give additional support also gradually increase the amount of kit you are training with, too much too soon is not good.  

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