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Lump on wrist (soft tissue tumor)

Can using a computer mouse result in a PAINLESS lump on the underside of the wrist?
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Hi,there.No,I don't think that use of a mouse would cause that.What you have is most likely a ganglion cyst-these are harmless although,some do become painful.Sometimes these cyst will burst and you won't have a lump until they fill up again.However.just get it checked out by your health professional-better safe than sorry.Good luck to you
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Thanks for your reply. I was hoping it was caused by a mouse because I don't like what I have been told so far.

I had 2 u/s and one MRI where I was told many things including:

1. It is not a cyst as it is solid;
2. It is an ovoid mass adjacent and volar to the distal ulna. Appearances are consistent with a solid mass;
3. Measures 19 mm x 10mm x 16 mm
4. The appearances are in keeping with an intraarticular lesion
at the deep aspect of the volar capsule of distal radioulnar joint;
5. No radiographic evidence of calcification and there is suggestion of mild remodeling of the distal ulnar cortex

Mention is made of several possibilities as well as uncertainty whether it's infectious or non-infectious.

I have not seen my surgeon since these reports by radiologists were issued. I will see him in a few days.

What do u think I have and what do u suggest I do.

Note there is no pain, no tingling and no numbness in the hand. (I do have bilateral feet numbness at times as well as left leg numbness. These are over in 5 mins or so) .

Thanks again
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