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Sharp persistent lateral tibial tubercle pain with kneeling only.

Area of pain is lateral to tibia tuberosity. Acute onset; no recollection of injury. It has to be a nerve as pain too intense. No muscular pain of hip or leg; no pain with ambulation. Occurs only with kneeling. I don’t exercise but do sit a lot with knees curled near me. No recall of running into anything. Persisted for two weeks every time I kneel on leg.Tender to touch with medium to deep palpating. Pain NOT over bone. I am in my 60’s. No knee pain. Pain approx. 1 inch lateral to proximal tibia. What the heck happened here?
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That doesn't sound like nerve pain, which would be more constant.  Only a diagnosis by a orthopedic surgeon would probably tell you, as they would if they do it right manipulate your leg to see what makes it hurt and take some pictures.
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Nothing to see if I took photo. Only pain is trying to kneel on that leg, otherwise no pain. No improvement after ?6-8 weeks. Going to ortho in late March.
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