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Swollen bump under knee cap

My 21 yr called from college tonight. She woke up yesterday with a Swollen bump under her knee cap that is the size of 1/2 her knee. The top of it has a spot on it that looks like she scrapped or burned it like a rug burn. Says when she presses on it, it burns/hurts. Hurts to bend but only because of the skin being pulled. Obviously I told her to go to the dr tomorrow to get checked out which she is.  She has been iceing it.  She did not hit it, no hoarseing around where she got hurt, no bumping it, no cat scratch, nothing, just woke up with it!
Anyone know what this might be???

I was thinking    Osgood-Schlatter Disease as she did play sports in high school.  
Thanks for your help.
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     Thanks for writing in. Swelling under the kneecap can occur due to bursitis, tendinitis and Osgood -Schlatter disease. Bursitis, tendinitis can occur due to trauma or wear and tear due to daily activities. Osgood -Schlatter disease usually occurs in young boys and in the adolescent age. This problem becomes more noticeable during activities that require running, jumping or going up or down stairs.
I would suggest that you take your doctor to an orthopedician for physical examination and get x-rays of the knee for confirmation of diagnosis and further assistance on treatment.
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I am 15 and about a week and a half ago i was just messing around jumping off stuff like ledges and stuff, near the end of the day this spot near the beginning of the tibia under my knee started aching. the next morning i couldnt walk on it the it gradually got better through the week then i went to a skatepark yesterday and when jumping off something it came back it wasnt fully healed yet anyway but it is swollen about 1/2 the size of my knee cap and hurts when i squat, or do things that put pressure on it.  Its a hard swollen knot.
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You had an inflammation of the soft tissue under your knee joint( bursa, tendon),  which due to more stretching during the skatepark jump has inflammed and now you need rest, icepacks and anti inflammatory drugs. If it does not decrease you have to visit an orthopaedicain for an examination. Take care!
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my friend kicked me in 5th grade and i got a HUGE bump underneath my knee cap and im now in 8th grade and the bump is still there. it hurts when i run and sometimes walk, sometimes when the pain is really bad the pain shots up my leg. what is wrong? i went to my doctor and he said to put ice on it and that i needed to get an x-ray...so i did and nothing showed up...what is it and how do i get rid of it?
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It can be a previous fracture, callous formation, haematoma, knee cap injury or infections etc.

I would suggest you to go for an X-ray and also to get yourself diagnosed for the chronic problem properly.

Take care!
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I have a history of AVM and had a tumor removed from my left tibia eight years ago. Now, I have developed a large bump about the size of an egg underneath my right knee. It has no similararities from the AVM? Could it be a blood clot?
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