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ovarian nodule what is it?

my wife has a complex mixed left ovarian nodule measuring 1.9x1.5x1.6 cm . she has pelvic pain and needs to see a obgyn . help explain what might she have ?
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A nodule is another term for cyst and hers is quite small.  Many do resolve themselves but if not they may need to be removed via laparoscope.  Over 95% are benign.  There is some good information on the health pages (top right) that you may want to look at.  I'm sure all will be fine.
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I'm glad she's seeing an Ob/Gyn.. I think Trudie is right, but we aren't Drs. and it's always best to get a professional opinion. Most of the time they will just disappear on their own. Most of the time they will "monitor" it for a few months to see if it does disappear. And, as Trudie says, I too feel she will be fine. When is her Dr''s appointment? Let us know how it goes.
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