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Cyst on Ovary

I suffered extreme pain on Friday afternoon so bad I was sitting on the toilet in one position because I couldn't lay down, stand up straight, or bend over.  Even walking was painful.  During that day and the day before my stomach was swelled / bloated more so than it had been along with having very bad gas.  ( Its been getting bigger and bigger but my diet hasn't changed so I've been worried about that for some time now ) After an hour of this I called my parents to take me to the ER.  At first the doctor thought it was kidney stones so he started an IV with fluids gave 2 pain meds along with nausea and need a clean urine sample since I had started my monthly the night before had to do a quick cath.  Came back in said I did have blood in my urine and ordered a CT.  Did this came back in said it was neg for stones but my appendix was enlarged but couldn't see a good picture of it since the scan was focused on my bladder.  My white blood cell count was normal and no fever so it may be early for all that.  He was going to talk with the other doctor an see what he said but he may go ahead and rule it the appendix or have me drink some stuff to do another CT with contrast along with the die in the IV.  I was half way threw the first cup when he came back in and said he had talked to the on call OB he looked at the CT said I had a large cyst on my right ovary and they felt this is why the on set of sudden pain came along.  He said I should follow up with the OB the next day and go from there.  Sent me home with 2 pain pills ( percocet 10s ) and 4 zofran for nausea for the night if needed and a script for the zofran and lortab.  I did get an appointment the next day.  I look online to get info on cyst and the symptoms I had been having for months but didn't think anything of them as all being linked together.    The frequent urination has been going on the longest.  I get up on average of 5 times a night or more to pee I don't drink but a few sips if I go out to dinner with my mom and she is driving because I will not be able to make it home and she gets mad if she has to stop.  There is the very bad bloating and gas.  I have never been over 100 lbs unless I was pregnant and I am now and I look as if I'm 4 months pregnant.  My periods are irregular.  Some times I go 2 months or more in between them.  I have tender breast sometimes to where even my bra hurts.  My periods are painful, sometimes I feel like I'm going to throw up for no reason and have painful periods.  And last I have pain in my lower back, right side and stomach.  So, all the signs say cyst and I see the treatment some go away and everything is fine some have to be removed.  So, the doctor said today give it time he thinks it will go away and be fine.  He is only worried with my bladder since I go to pee so much and thinks I have Interstitial Cystitis.  Gave me some papers on that and wants to do a procedure the 24th of March to see.  From reading everything I did that's no what I was expecting him to say.  Should I be worried or has anyone else went threw this kind of thing?  I was thinking he would say at the very least wait a month do another scan or ultra sound to see if its still there or if so has it gotten any bigger.  He said the bloated and gas would go away in a few days and there wasn't any medicine he could give me that would help with the cyst going away faster or with the bloating and gas.  I live along with my 2 year old and I'm the only one who can care for him.  I just want to make sure I'm getting told the right information or if I should seek out another doctor.  I'm sitting here with this huge stomach and its making noises moving along with all this gas its very uncomfortable me being always under 100 pound to be carrying this huge belly around feels like such a strain on my body.  Thanks in advance!!
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Your story sounds so similar to mine!  2 years ago, I experienced severe bloating, pain in my lower abdomen and more frequent urination.  I also had constipation and digestive issues.  After ruling out any major bowel issues with my doctor and no relief from laxatives, I ended up in the ER with pretty bad pain.  The CT showed a large 11 cm cyst.  It was thought to be a complex cyst, not a simple functional one.  I consulted with an OB/GYN the next week, had bloodwork and a repeat ultrasound a few weeks later.  The cyst had not changed and I was scheduled to have it removed the following week.
How large is your cyst?  From my experience, if they are over 5-7 cm and expecially if they are causing pain, surgery is usually presented as an option.  Often, they will recommend watchful waiting.  If you are having this much pain, I feel pretty strongly that they should repeat the ultrasound to check to see if it will resolve or if it is growing.  I would definetly ask for another ultrasound.  I would honeslty probably seek out another opinion.
As far as the Intersitial Cystitis, I have been diagnosed with this so I am familiar with it, but to me your symptoms sound more related to the cyst.  Large cysts can put pressure on the bladder and cause frequent urination.  I had this with my large cyst and it went away after it was removed (the IC diagnosis came later).  If it were me, I would probably focus more on the cyst, then seek out a diagnosis for the IC if the badder problems persist after the cyst is resolved.
I also wanted to note that I currently have a smaller cyst which is also causing me a lot of pain.  It was 3 cm (so pretty small) in January, but my doctor wanted to follow it becuase it was painful.  My follow up is Monday.  She said we would discuss surgery if it is still causing me pain, even if it had not grown.  So, in general, I think the standard is to follow up on cysts, especially if they are bigger or painful.
Good luck!  Keep me posted!
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