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Septated Ovarian Cyst

Hi, I'm a 23 year old R.N. who was recently diagnosed with a 'septated ovarian cyst.'

My first symptom was my period was late - naturally I assumed I was pregnant and began taking urine tests - all coming back negative. After two weeks I began having abdominal cramping and attributed this to my period coming. The pain then became severe - localizing in my right lower abdomen. As an RN, I began to think it was my appendix or an ectopic pregnancy and took myself to the ER. After a CT and bloodwork, the doctor diagnosed me with a 3.5cm ovarian cyst, told me to go home and rest, take Vicodin and it would go away in 1-3 days.

I laid in bed all weekend with excruciating pain, nausea and constipation waiting for the cyst to rupture. I started noticing I was urinating frequently but not fully emptying my bladder, had had no bowel movement in 5 days, my hair started falling out in clumps and I just felt generally crappy. I then went to the local walk in clinic after three days and she sent me for a stat trans-vaginal ultrasound and labwork. The ultrasound showed the cyst but called it "septated" The Nurse Practitioner I saw said that this was more complex than a normal ovarian cyst and I needed to see a OB/GYN right away. She got me an appt. for the following day.

I went to the OB/GYN in a panic, wondering now if I was going to lose an ovary or worse. The OB/GYN was a younger male (mid- 30's, and I later found out he's been practicing for only 4yrs) - he walked in, said, "It ***** being a girl, doesn't it?" He said the cyst was small, and that he would start me on birth control and repeat the ultrasound in two weeks. He never examined me. Never asked me one question about symptoms and was rather rude. I asked him about the cyst being septated, and he said, "don't worry about that. I'll see you in two weeks."

So now, I'm sitting at home... I haven't been able to work in a week and a half. The pain is still horrible - even with a newly prescribed Percocet. I continue to have urinary frequency and constipation. My hair loss is getting a little better.

I guess my main question, is this normal? Should I get a second opinion? I have no idea what the "septated" thing means... In need of some serious advice as to what I should be doing...
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Wow, something is really happening inside of you and they are ignoring it.
You need to make an appointment as soon as possible.

I have a fear of men gynos because they do not have our bodies.

I think that you need to check this out as soon as possible. The issue inside you could be hurting other organs inside of you.

Good Luck!
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Male or female, the doctor was rude and did not treat you properly. Get a second opinion. Best wishes!
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Hi and welcome to the forum.  When they say that you have a septated cyst, it means that there is a wall inside the cyst that is dividing it in half.  Complex means half fluid and half solid.  There are several cysts that would have septations that are not cancer.  A dermoid is one that comes to mind.  I would definitely be seeking the advice of another doctor.  I can't believe he didn't even ask you about your symptoms.  The fact that he said "don't worry about that" is just HORRIBLE.  I have had a few good male gynecologists, but my female one is the best because she understands what we go through.  Please don't ignore this.  Seek a second opinion.  You should not have to live with the pain you are going through.  Most gynecologists start to talk about removing cysts when they reach 5cm OR causing a great deal of pain, which yours obviously is. No body knows your body better than you do.  If something feels off, then it probably is.  Keep in mind that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  You have to be an advocate for yourself.  Please come back and let us know what is going on.  Good luck!
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I think if you're even wondering about getting a second opinion, it means you need one.  Trust your gut.
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I also have a septated cyst measuring almost the same size as yours on my right ovary. I have never heard of a septated cyst either. I have severe pain now and then and can sympathize with you. The pain is really so severe that you can't move. I also have PCOS and have multiple cysts on both ovaries. My doctor told me that they would keep an eye on the cysts. I didn't like that answer either. From everything you hear about ovarian cancer, it's better to be safe. And since you are having continuos severe pain, I would get another opinion. I hope you feel better soon and good luck.
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I can't thank you all enough for your advice. I am so glad I found this forum. I am calling to make an appt. for a second opinion tomorrow... as the symptoms all continue. I will keep you all updated. Again, thank you so much.
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