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What procedures do they use while duing a radiofrequency nerve ablation
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I just has a nerve block (yesterday 10/3/12))(RFA) and they put me out. I am always asleep for this procedure and in the past this has helped my pain issues. I am still a little sore but this is normal for this procedure. The last time I had this procedure was almost over 1 year ago. In the past I have had to have this procedure a couple of times a year but the last one took and I experienced relief. Hope this one does the same for me but remember, the nerve does grow back.
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?? I don't think I understand your question? The actual procedure name is radiofrequency nerve ablation or RFA.

There are things your Dr. will tell you to do to prepare for the procedure so you need to follow all of them.

They put an IV in your arm with a local anesthetic and/or mild sedative to help with the comfort level.

You will be awake during the procedure because the Dr. needs to talk with you during it.

They then insert a needle into the affected area and use a X-ray to get to the exact right spot. Then a microelectrode is inserted through the needle to begin the stimulation process. They will ask you if you feel a tingling sensation.

Once the needle and electrode are in the right spot, a small radiofrequency current is sent through the electrode into the surrounding tissue, causing the tissue to heat.

You will stay in the recovery room for a bit to be observed when done. Given fluids, a bandage goes on the area. And then discharged with instructions like nothing strenuous for 24 hours or bath for two days or so.

You may have some leg numbness and discomfort afterwards for a few days but this is normal and you can use ice to help.
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