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Now what do I do

I have been on oxycontin extended release for 10 years.  It was given to me by a migraine specalist in Boston.  My doc is starting her own practice at the end on July but I was told that the office she was working out of would continue to write my prescriptions until she was in her new office.  Well this did not happen.  I went in to get my next script and saw the Nurse Practioner.  I was told that the new docs would Not write the scripts and that she would only give me two weeks worth of meds and send me to a pain management person.  I have already been to over 38 docs and specialists and tried over 40 different medications.  I tried bio feed back, acupuncture, pressure , pt, and many, many more. The pain Guy wants me to cut down 1 pill per for a week the 2 pills per day for the second week and so on.  I feel like I have been rail roaded!!!!!  How can they expect me to detox from these pills with nothing to help me in three to four weeks?????  Is this legal?  It sure does not sound very smart.  There is no way to contact My doc until the end of July.  I have a signed contract with my doctors name and mine on it.  Can the office refuse to follow my doctors treatment plan for the next month or so???  I do not know what to do now.
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You said that you went into her office and saw the N/P, and she said that the doctors weren't going to help you, Is that correct?  What I am wondering is if any of the doctors in that group know anything about your case, your contract with your doctor, or was the N/P just acting on her own.  Some of the N/P I have dealt with think they know more than the drs they work for. and if you happen to have gotten one that is particularly down on chronic pain sufferers.. (you know that we all just need to get off our pity pots and throw away the pills and patches... Or so they think LOL).  
If I were in your situation, especially if my doctor had made it clear to me that in her absence that her collegues were to take care of you, I  would find out who the head doctor of the practice is, and then I would make an appointment ( and let them know that you consider this to be an emergency and you need to see Dr...? ...as soon as humanly possible.  I would probably threaten to involve my attorney if they try and blow you off.  I would be as nice as I could manage, but I would make an actual doctor be the one to tell you no.  And I would even go so far as to take in a statement that you request him to sign, stating that he understands that you have been on a regular regime with the meds you are on, and that it was your drs. intention that in her absence you continue on these meds, and that now Dr------ ? is refusing and altering you treatment protocol for... and then make him fill in his rationale for stopping your treatment.  Maybe if you make him put what he is doing in writing, ( and I would make the N/P and one other person witness his signing it.  Maybe if you make it clear that you do not intend to just accept this decision without there being a little fall out that they will have to contend with.  Maybe if you try that he will decide that it may be in his best interest to continue taking care of you until your regular doctor is back "in the shop".  I would start out nice as pie...tell him you are sure that the N/P was just under-informed or perhaps under-qualified or maybe even under-intelligent. Then if he backs her, make him put his signature and his license on the line.  See how that goes and then let me know.  At this point I don't see how it can hurt.

Let me know..
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Thank you so much for the advice.  I am going to do just that.  I will let you know how it goes.  

I spoke to the doc office today and they tried to refuse to give me a copy of my records.  They tried to tell me they had to send it to another doctors office and not to me.  When I informed them they were mine and I had every right to them they said it would cost me $25.00.  When I said fine.  They said I had to go in and sign a request for them.  Again I said fine.  When I go into the office on Monday I will try to get them to sign the letter you mentioned.  What should I do if they will not sign it??
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Yes unfortunately they can do what they wish. When you see a new doctor they may have different feeling about using narcotics and refuse to write them. Have you tried getting into a pain management clinic. That would definitely be the best solution atleast until your doctor comes back. Or possible have your PCP write you the scripts until July.
You could try leaving a voicemail for your regular doctor to let her know what is going on too. If these doctors agreed to continue the treatment your doctor had you on and then reneged on it I am sure she wants to know!
I am very sorry this has happened to you. It is sad and it is not right to treat legitimate Pt's in this manner.
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I can not reach my PCP.  She will be opening her new practice in late July.  Until then the office where she worked was supposed to continue with my treatment plan according to my PCP she spoke to them and told me not to worry.  When I went in for an appointment after she left the N/P said None of the new doctors there would honor my contract with my PCP.  Before the last 10 years were 10- 12 years of seeing and trying anything they asked me to.  I have been through over 40 MD's tried 39 medications both preventative and abortive.  I have seen 5 Pain management doctors including the one I saw on Thursday.  The guy I saw Thursday told me to taper off but offered nothing to help with the feeling of jumping out of my skin.  When I asked I was told to go to my Primary care doctor.  He knows I can't!!!  Now I have no help to wean off of this medication and no one to help me with panic attacks.  I have a strong family history of cardiac issues.  My father died from his 3rd massive heart attach at age 38.  If I was a heroin addict I could go and get methadone.  The Pain guy said and I quote "I am the BEST on the north shore"  I am an addiction specialist as well.  Don't you think he should know that after 10 years on this I would have a problem with such a fast taper??
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Hi daze. Sorry that I am jumping in here so late. I've not been well. The Clinic where your Doctors current practice is can always reach her. I'm surprised because all Doctors have pagers and for her to treat you for such a long time and then suddenly fall off the radar screen is extremely unusual.

Why haven't you requested them to page her? The other Doctors in the Clinic know where she is. They are most likely seeing other patients of hers and sometimes questions arise that need attention by her so they would have to have contact phone #'s for her.

The Doctor that claims to be the best on the North Shore should know that sometimes tapering alone will not work. Has he offered you any medication that will ease the discomfort of the w/d's? If he is the best then he should have done this. Getting back to your Doctor, you must push harder to reach her. It may be worth while to call the Hospital that is affiliated with your Clinic and tell them the story. Tell them that it has been impossible to reach her and that you have been on medication for years that can not be stopped without serious health risks. See what they recommend.

I wish you well. Please take care and good luck in finding her.

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I came in very late on this discussion.  Are you being treated for migraines, or what?  I have had fibromyalgia and another pain syndrome amplified by a very rare peripheral neuropathy.  I too have been on all the meds--2 years on oxycodone, 9 months on morphine, lately on neurontin, another pain medication coupled with a low dose of methodone, and now on vicotine.  The previous ones all wore off, and vicotine is not as effective as the narcotics. If you're having migraines and your shoulder or neck is sore, you might try the non-medical solution that has kept me virtually migraine-free for a year and a half after 5 years of daily migraines!  
I discovered, by God's grace, that I could press my right shoulder (occasionally on the left one) against a doorpost to work on the muscle knots there.  When I found the right, painful spot, the migraine would immediately stop!  It took about 15 minutes of "therapeutic leaning" or less to conquer the migraine.  It's painful but not nearly as painful as a migraine with nausea, with which I have plenty of experience.
When I told my pain guy, he just stared at me in silence!  Doctors don't know everything.  May God give you some of his relief, since he is the great Physician, who gave me migraine relief!  I praise him for his solution.    
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I rarely meet a doctor who thinks he/she is the best in their field:)
try what Mollyrae said and call the hospitial she is affiliated with they can atleast get a message to her.
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Thank you all for your words of encouragement.  I will try to answer your questions not

1.  I have had daily severe migraines for 20 years.

2.  They start from my neck and when they are full blown they are on the right front side of my head.

3.  I have tried PT and accupresure, and puncture, and many other forms of alternative medicine.  

4. I have tried over40 different kinds of medications both abortive and preventative.

5.  I have seen over 38 Different doctors  and several pain specialists.

6.  The last pain management guy said to do a fast taper off and he would not give me anything to help me with the taper.  

When I called him to tell him that I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin he said call your PCP.  He knows there is no way to reach her until the end of July at her new practice.  My case was not transfered to another doc in the old office.  I only saw the NP because all the docs there refused to follow my treatment plan and contract with my PCP even though it was with the office also.

Thanks again for you help
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In this case, then you have to go outside your comfort zone and seek a new Doctor all together. You need to find one that is NOT affiliated with your old Doc. This won't be easy, it rarely is. You may try Googling or like I said before, call the Hospital for a good referral for a Neurologist.

It is always better to find an answer to your Headaches rather than covering them up with continued medication. There is a reason why this is happening and the Medical Community hasn't found it yet.

Cases like this always remind me of the show called "Mystery Diagnosis". If you search long enough, you're sure to find a reason.

Please take care,
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