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i would like to know which medicen is good for removing emorroides and if there is any diet i could do?
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I think the term your looking for is Hemorrhoids. I do not know of a diet that would help cure these. My Husband gets them and have proven to be hard to control. He has used the creams and supposotories with no relief. He is looking at surgery.

You will want to consult a Doctor if they continue to get worse.

My Best,
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There are several over the counter preparations that you can apply topically that can help reduce hemorrhoids. Ask your pharmacist which one he/she recommends. Nothing will "cure" them short of surgery. Fortunately they can often be controlled.

Hemorrhoids are actually enlarged, painful veins in your rectum. It is usually recommended to drink plenty of liquids and fiber to keep stools soft. Constipation will often increase hemorrhoid problems.

It is usually suggested that you avoid sitting for long periods of time or use what is called a donut to sit on. A donut is a spongy circular device with a hole in the center. It may help take the pressure off the hemorrhoids.

In my opinion you should avoid lifting heavy objects and straining. Sitting in a warm bath or what is called a Sitz bath can also be beneficial. Your local pharmacy may carry a Sitz bath. Again your pharmacist is a good source of information.

Last but certainly not least I hope you have consulted your PCP. If not please do so. Sometimes hemorrhoids require surgery as Mollyrae said. It is usually the last resort but only your PCP can determine what is best for your condition.

Good luck to you. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Take Care,
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Here are some natural remedies that may help also.....

Fiber shows a consistent beneficial effect in relieving hemorrhoid symptoms and bleeding. It can soften stool and increase its bulk, which helps to reduce straining.

Bioflavonoids are a type of plant compound that are thought to work by stabilizing and strengthening blood vessel walls and by decreasing inflammation. They have been found to reduce anal discomfort, pain, and anal discharge during an acute hemorrhoid attack.

Witch Hazel Compress or Cream
This drug store staple is made from the leaves and bark of a plant called Hamamelis virginiana. It is not be taken internally but is instead applied topically to the anal area in the form of witch hazel distilled liquid, ointment, or medicated pads.
Witch hazel is thought to decrease the bleeding of hemorrhoids by acting as an astringent. It may also relieve pain, itching and swelling associated with hemorrhoids.

Butcher's Broom
Butcher's broom has a long history of traditional use for hemorrhoids and varicose veins. It is often used when there is underlying poor circulation in the veins.

Horse Chestnut
The herb horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), like Butchers broom, is often recommended when there is poor circulation in the veins, or chronic venous insufficiency. In folk medicine, it is used to relieve symptoms such as swelling and inflammation and strengthen blood vessel walls.

Triphala. An Ayurvedic compound of three fruits. It is well-known as a bowel tonic that gently relieves constipation without being a harsh stimulant.

Topical application of chamomile or calendula. Can be applied as a compress or ointment.

Prevention of Hemorrhoids
The three basics that may reduce hemorrhoids symptoms are:

Adequate water intake (a minimum of six glasses a day)

Adequate fiber in the diet


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